Some Love For San Jose


Maybe, San Ho can finally shed that reputation of biggest city that no one (outside CA) knows…


Not really, San Jose is more famous than San Antonio in my opinion.


As AI companies move into the city and expand, the industry is starting to generate its own ecosystem and knowledge base. Fast-growing chipmaker NVIDIA is headquartered in Santa Clara, but it’s in talks with San Jose State University to develop a program for teaching AI skills. NVIDIA has a “deep learning institute” to train software developers, and is now looking at extending that education in some form to college students.

Santa Clara and SJ have the semi guys. Sound logical for NVDA. Are they talking about embedded software or application software?


Very interesting. I think the pattern is that for deployment type companies, companies that use existing tech to solve general business problems, they are located in SF. These include uber and airbnb. They don’t create any new tech.

For the nerdier type companies that create new technology they are more at home in the South Bay. AI fits this description. The tech is still young and need some serious nerds ot push forward. It’s not yet ready for the more frivolous uses yet.




Interesting. Quite a few places on that list have been mentioned for Amazon HQ2. It makes me wonder how possible that is if there’s no places for employees to live.



Somehow, this fall seems to be the hottest season in WSJ.


Wow, I can see this causing homes to go up at least what 10-15%???:laughing:


I keep telling you guys, ESJ has bigly opportunities. :smirk:



Come on, lay off the weed!!! No one is going to visit San Jose before SF!!!


Hahahaha. I guess that 20-30 years went by awfully fast.


Maybe they had dim sum at east lake and got blown away. Tired of the fake Chinese food in Frisco.


Unfortunately it is in print… so I will eat this one…


Really… I didn’t know that the Apple Campus is such a big tourist draw… :rofl:



With all the due respect…you dummies!

I have kept inviting you to come to ESJ, and you guys laughed!



Relax, you are a pioneer. When all these newbies double your house value you can move to greener pastures and retire.