Some Words For Us Bloggers To Take To Heart

Yes, let them chop of @hanera’s head first… :rofl:

Hanera for supreme leader! :smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Hey, come on, who else would push Austin and Apple then???:slight_smile:

Thanks God nobody nominated me for supreme leader so I can lose my head later. Nobody likes me. :cry:

Oh…wait! :smile::smile::smile:

You can always nominate yourself. But be prepared to lose your head wearing suit and tie. Sockless and sneakers are allowed though

Toothless you mean? :laughing:

I like the Cleos Brazilian bbq in San Bruno. Used to be $20, all you can eat with a salad bar and a cocktail…
Still a good deal,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:7887469391801659585,rc_q:Cleo’s%20Brazilian%20Steakhouse%2C%20446%20San%20Mateo%20Ave%2C%20San%20Bruno%2C%20CA%2094066,ru_q:Cleo’s%20Brazilian%20Steakhouse%2C%20446%20San%20Mateo%20Ave%2C%20San%20Bruno%2C%20CA%2094066

I have been there…not too bad