Some Words For Us Bloggers To Take To Heart

Granted this is @manch’s baby, we all should strive to make this community at the minimum informative but also inviting and interesting…

Can @manch create a company out of this? I’d like to hold a stake and become a member of the board as well. I’ve not been on any board since my resignation from one of my HOA boards… :rofl:

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Geez, do you want me to wear a tie everyday too???

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Yes, let’s all dress up formally and have a business luncheon every time the board convenes… :rofl:

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Speaking of business luncheons (sort of) did you cats meet up for a gathering over the holidays?

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Yes! I met up with @manch and @BAJacket. We had dim sum in my East Bay town. Afterwards we had a tour of one of my flips and another one of my rentals… :laughing:

Ok, cool! But no bigger holiday dinner thingy as suggested ever went off???

No… we tried, but everyone shied away besides manch and jacket.

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Ok, did our Fearless Leader use soy sauce and a fork during dim sum???:grinning: (j/k @manch)

Um… I can’t recall… :rofl:

Had you said tacos, I would have shown. :smiley:

Or, Pollo Campero on Cesar Chavez. :wink:

Um… that’s a good idea for a potential future meetup :slight_smile:

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On my tab. :wink:


God, even I might show up…

If we are going to have people like you on the board, I want to be the ChairMAN:triumph:

Near my house, there is a BIG Brazilian restaurant opening soon. Of course, already plenty of eateries selling tacos and there is one Chipotle.

Brazilian restaurant? Good!

They serve Anaconda there. :smiley:

Uh, I will turn my lil sign to red…

You’re not going to get extra benefits for being the chairman. This is not a paid job… :rofl:

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It depends if you belong to the politburo.

By the way, when a purge is exercised, the “leaders” are the first ones to lose their heads. :wink: