Sonoma Marin area rail transit

New commuter rail line connecting Santa Rosa with Larkspur. Passenger service may start late Spring - early summer this year.

Long term plan is to extend it all the way to Cloverdale.

New opportunities to explore greener pastures with no rent control yet and good cap rates.

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Love it…Maybe we can dump our loser Petaluma project…0 cash flow for 10 years

It is true that North bay is not famous as a job center if compared to silicon valley. Out of high tech industry I believe Autodesk is somewhere in North Bay.
Will it be a case of build it and they will come? Will mass transit change the situation for better? Or this train will only relieve congestion on 101.

North Bay is for commuters to SF…plus a little bit of Wine business, tourism, agriculture, cheese, poultry