Sorry, Still Not Buying Near A Freeway

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19th ave has the traffic and pollution of a freeway…500 feet on either side means a large part of the Sunset District has health risks…

Maybe that is why Central Sunset (20s and 30s) are hot, hot, hot!!!

Lets face it most of the city is within 1000 feet of a busy artery or freeway…Time for Tahoe, before it’s too late…

Agreed, except holiday weekends…



We don’t mind the traffic with Mt Tallac in the background

Every street nowadays is a freeway!
Time to move to Russia!

Never mind! We are in Russia! :rofl:

We can ban personal cars and tear down the freeway. Let the people walk, bike and take electric trains.

Or just outlaw gas and only allow electric cars on the freeway.

It’s not realistic to ban housing within 500 ft of freeway, and we don’t know whether the research is bogus or sound.