South San Francisco Rocking The Overbids!

Geez, even SSF is now 1.4M, 335K over asking!!!

Granted this one was quite lovely (great cookies!) but 1.735M for SSF!!!

Thought you have given up moving?

This was one of the last homes I saw in person. Well, a few agents came up with a couple of off market homes so I will check them out maybe this weekend. The thing is wifey is on a plane home on Sunday, so this is it, our last weekend. Once I finish up the Oakland unit remodel, I will have to honestly think about what my next move is. I have already been delayed this week by the Oakland strike. Inspector didn’t show up…:rage:

Geez, 411K over asking!!!

Yes, Chinese pricing strategy works out in a big way - 370K over asking!!!

Ok, SSF 3/2 is also 1.25M… Sweetie, I need some money!!!

South City is running away from you 8-boy! Buy something already!

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SSF is unfortunately only #3 on the list… San Bruno takes the cake, Millbrae is second only of the high prices…

Prices went up 20% since you started looking ?

If not more in SSF, especially say San Bruno hills. A decent home in the hills there will be more like 1.4-1.5M now. Sheesh!!!

Lesson here: don’t wait to pull the trigger lol


This 3bd 2b 1920SF house closed at $1.425M, 44% above asking. Large garage probably helped the price.

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God, pended… agent said a preemptive bid of 1.275M CASH was turned down… even the 24 didn’t scared anyone away…

Should be over 1.4 easy. 1.24 is a low ball honestly

Oh, we pretty know and expect 1.4M or higher. I am just saying that according to the LA, the home was listed on a Tuesday, it immediately got that 1.275M all CASH offer when the instructions were expressly that no preemptive offers would be accepted. I went with the wife to this one after I did since it is nice, and yes, if our 4plex was in escrow we probably would have tried for it IF NOT for the planes overhead. When we were there, a plane flew left to right over this house so low that my wife said she could tell what the airline was. According to a neighbor who was there, he told me that plane noise is there, especially after 5pm so that killed it for me frankly. I am sure some folks were too ga ga about the house to notice or care about the plane noise but that is a deal breaker for me.

Closed at 34% above asking, and sold by Redfin agent! This location will have some plane noise, but it does not seem to matter nowadays.

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Fetching $1.2M despite noise pollution and proximity to the cemetery…and probably cash deal since it closed within seven days too. Crazy.

Too much demand out there and too many people tired of losing out, so on the good ones they waaaaay overbid on or in the case of this one it still sells over. What to do? You go hunting for a private sale. Sure, you may need to pay a premium price or if you are lucky and patient you get a willing seller who gives you a decent deal and you call the shots. You want it at X price, you buy it. You don’t want it, you move on. I thought I met my match this hot housing cycle but all it takes is a hungry real estate agent and I had many working for me. I was bound to find something, and I did.

Closed at $1.41M, $310K above asking.

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