South san franciso

a lot of crazy prices in the aves, and in millbrae as well. How about south San Francisco such as buri buri. No fog nice weather, 10 minutes from millbrae and the same house in buri buri is probably 500k+ more in millbrae.

Have you guys heard about the state law regarding granny units ( 2nd units ) on the same lot. It seems very easy to get approved at building department. Thoughts?

Approval is still subject to the whims of the local building officials. …Lot coverage, FAR, parking, code upgrades…Second units are rarely worth the hassle…Plus you loose privacy and space…I dont see a rush to build them…

The reason why the AVEs have skyrocketed in price, is partly because of the supplement income they get from their “in law” or downstairs unit. If don’t right without kitchen and just 1 bed and 1 bath can demand upwards of $1600 in the sunset, and if you can have 3 of those dowstairs that’s over $4500 in income which pays for your PITI mostly.

Even better in SSF where you can get the income and don’t need to worry about people living Downstairs

I think the trend is changing in Sunset with regard to the in laws. Right now the most desired homes are those remodeled without any kitchen or wet bar downstairs. They just have couple extra bedrooms, a family room, and extra bath.

People are becoming more well to do and well to do people don’t need to rent out in laws. They either live there on their own or rent out the entire house instead.

Are we talking about the city of South San Francisco? Or Sunset in SF?

Southern SF is not the same as South SF