South SF

Normally I’m looking at stuff in San Mateo county, but this came up in my email… Why is this area so cheap?

Boss…da plane …da plane??? (Just a guess, but some homes in SSF, the planes literally take off and are right on top of your home.)

Ooooohhhhh. :frowning:

Again, one easily just needs to go there and stand there to see what does happen with the planes. When I was seriously looking there, yeah, some parts literally you couldn’t give me the house.

SSF seriously considers new ways to supplement city budget:

Noise, close proximity to cemetery, and that area in general is sort of ghetto.

Didn’t they say that about the Mission? :slight_smile:

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Mission is still ghetto. Even if I have $$ I would not buy there.

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To be fair, SSF has few things going for it:
-It is next to Oyster Point with its Genentech and biotech industry

Top employers[edit]
According to the City’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report Fiscal Year 2013/2014,[38] the top employers in the city are:

Employer # of Employees

1 Genentech 7,945
2 Onyx Pharmaceuticals 650
3 Thermo Fisher Scientific 600
4 Costco Wholesalers (2 stores) 510
5 Amgen 406
6 Successfactors, Inc 400
7 Royal Laundry 284
8 The New French Bakery 281
9 Oroweat/Entenmann’s 264
10 Theravance Biopharma 258

Source: Wikipedia

-It is very commutable to SF, if you live in SSF, you skip 101 bottleneck at 92 or you can use 280 that is on the other side of SSF

No doubt, that’s why I def wanted to check out some homes there. Proximity to the Fab 7x7 is great and I am sure some parts are fine where the planes are at least pretty high up by the time they reach your home/area. I went to one area though where the planes were still ascending I believe so they were pretty close to your home. Man, no way…

Most of SSF is not too bad noise-wise.

But Terri’s house does look like it will have quite a bit of plane noise.

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Right, that’s why you really need to go and check out the actual house. Can’t be doing like some of the folks here and buying from afar…or you’ll be sorrrrrry

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Ok. So I was in San Bruno on Tuesday. I don’t remember any plane noise, but the houses seem to be available for $300-$400 sq/ft.

I’d prefer something San Mateo to RWC, but if it’s leave the Bay Area entirely or something closer to SF, I’m starting to think maybe it’d be ok. Just becomes a school issue for kid #2 and #3–which was what I figured your response would be.


Great map. Thank you!

PS: I don’t suppose you have a map like that for San Jose? Got a friend looking in South Bay, and I think it’d be helpful for her.

this is an airplane noise map for south bay.

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Correct, San Bruno (even though next door essentially) can be out of the flight pattern. Can be night and day from SSF. Now, keep in mind as more people come to the Bay Area and there are more flights being added who knows what will happen with respect to flight patterns right? That is why I soured on that general area for that possibility in the future.

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Ok, definitely something I am interested in if I am heading South one day…

Something wrong with this house? Why is it listed so low?

Boss, da plane…da plane???