Speaking Of Berkeley


Most Cal students come from out of town. Berkeley and even Oakland are just teeny tinny towns. I can’t imagine most of them want to stick around a college town in lieu of better economic opportunities elsewhere. I actually met quite a few Cal grads in Silicon Valley back in the days. They just endure the same maddening traffic like the rest of us. :slight_smile:


These make sense for startups. But with all the big companies trying to expand to places like SJ downtown(Google?), north/east of SJC or even Oakland (Uber?) it’d be easier to build out a presence in Berkeley and suck all the new grads. Like Pittsburg (CMU), Cambridge (MIT), etc. I guess Uber’s Oakland plan was similar…


Pittsburg is a cautionary tale. Despite having a top 3 CS department it has no tech companies to show for it. Even MIT doesn’t have that many. The only big startup I know founded by MIT grads is Dropbox, right here in San Francisco.

I think Dublin and Pleasanton have better chances than Berkeley and even Oakland.


Speaks to the allure and desirability of the Bay Area once again…all the toys are here (jobs and fun)


There are only 2 places in America suitable to find a tech startup: 1) SV 2) SF. The rest are long shots.


Seattle begs to differ… :slight_smile: where world’s No.1 and No.2 richest persons call home.


How many more can you name besides those 2? Zillow???


Nothing big in Seattle besides MSFT and AMZN, and MSFT is in long term decline.

Come to think about it, I don’t think Seattle can rival the breath and depth of Bay Area, ever.

Our biggest challenger will come from China. Speaking of Bay Area there is a new Bay Area: the Guangdong Bay Area, that has 9 cities in the Pearl river delta, including heavy weights like Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Hong Kong. It’s the new buzzword when I was in Hong Kong. And they explicitly mentioned the San Francisco Bay Area as competitor.


Aww… that was my motherland. Now come to think about it maybe i shouldn’t have left (I didn’t have a choice… my parents made the decision for me).


Come on, you ain’t complaining are you???:slight_smile:


I am. Grass is always greener on the other side!


Tough crowd…:slight_smile:



Hi, yes, I would like to sell all of my properties and exchange to properties in Berkeley. Do I love Cal? No. The hippies? No. I have my reasons…


If Berkeley women want the legal right to go topless, what will Oakland and San Francisco do?

But I think you are smart to invest in cities with a lot of topless women. That could mean low crime rate and safe neighborhood.


Doubt it. Farther out you go, fewer companies. There are definitely a lot of companies in Oakland, though they may be on the smaller/startup side.


Geez louise… Who the heck wants 100 men whistling at you while you walk down the block.


Wow…impressive @Terri:wink:



Pretty nice for just a tad over 1M…