Speaking Of Berkeley



Berkeley has been a lost cause since the Peoples park riots in 1969…The Looney left rioted to stop building student housing so that homeless bums could sleep in an empty lot…This is in a nutshell the whole problem with the liberal agenda for 50 years…The hate they white power structure so much that they would rather have people homeless that build new housing,
There would have been no housing shortage in the BA if the liberals hadn’t taken over…Of course now they are so comfortable in their stupidity that idiots like Ronen are in charge…



Yes, provided by our fav whipping boy Niche again…

Yay, Fab 7x7 beats Seattle in something, finally…


Not too shabby for a local ABC, movie star and married to a supermodel…


He can afford Palo Alto and SF, why live in Oakland? Does Oakland offer more privacy?


Come on, Oakland has many areas that are quite pristine and expensive. Broadway Terrace, Montclair, and Rockridge to name a few. The flatlands of course get the bad headlines…


Good luck!!!





Nice house . Busy street. Bus route.


Needs a new kitchen and baths. Hasn’t been updated in 60 years.


Granted this is a unique property, should we expect a good deal of bidding despite the current market conditions??? What is your projected selling price? I will guess 1.5M cuz of its uniqueness and killer view…


I don’t know the Berkeley market. Price seems low. I sent the link to my cousin. She grew up in Berkeley and has been trying to get back. Multi offers even last month. I know the house. It is an old tired wreck. But most old Berkeley houses are.
I went to grade school across the street.


Good bones though… properties like this don’t come around too often


Lots of charm means lots of work. Grew up in something similar. Knew the family that lived there for fifty years.

During that time the grade school has been torn down and rebuilt twice. The house hasn’t even been touched.


Sure, but that is why some folks want it as opposed to some tract home. Something like this all done up right would smell of deep pockets…


The street is a big negative. Those heavy buses rattle those old houses