Speaking Of Crazy, Rich Asians

Either Singapore is too small or wealth is more spread out i.e. less wealth inequality :slight_smile:

There are 80k uhnw individuals in America. Any one of them on this forum? :slight_smile:

No need to give us strong hint :rofl: Now we know :zipper_mouth_face:

2800 in SF. But is that SF the city, SF metro, or the entire Bay Area?

$30m is the cutoff? Then I’m more than 29 away.

But that’s okay, I live well already.


Hint of what? If you are then admit it. If you’re not then be quiet and stop insinuating.

big word, need to check dictionary :sweat: Can’t just use hint?

Damn it, do we have to share again??? (probably metro area at least)

Sweet house again used in the movie (but in Malaysia)…

Hmm, can I get it in time for my Thanksgiving Party???

Real Crazy Rich Asian Wedding to Cost $100 Million

  • Daughter of Asia’s richest man to wed Indian tycoon’s son

  • Costs could approach those of Charles and Diana’s wedding


Heirs of CRAs.