Speaking Of Cruising

Got $5m you can cruise forever.

Now that would be overdoing it…

With the new year almost here, it is nice to think about where to live in retirement. A rough draft would be:

1/3 year: San Francisco/Bay Area (already own)
1/3 year: Malaysia (non monsoon months) (already own, wife’s family place)
1/3 year: Caribbean/Greek Islands/South Lake Tahoe/???

At least try a cruise with the wifey. You may actually like it, or hate it. The problem with you (and my Big Bro) is that you guys literally almost can’t enjoy yourself. Your mind and body has to be working on something constructive 24/7. The idea of just doing nothing for oh 7-10 days is probably a nightmare to you. Not good…

I would read a lot of books. When my mind is blank I can plow through thrillers in a couple of hours. Too me a cruise ship is just a floating luxury prison. Would rather rent a beach house. I have my getaway now near Placerville. Plan on becoming a part time farmer. Really hate flying and travel becomes tedious after a couple of weeks. You lose your identity. And I like to eat my own home cooking

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Done! Most ships have a dedicated library (or, you can bring your own reading material of course).

Well, can’t do anything about the love of home cooking…

Cruises are for lazy and old people that don’t want to plan anything for their trips. Been on cruises twice (once to Caribbean and once to Mexico long time ago). Never again. Like @Elt1 noted, it’s a floating prison.

That describe me well. So? As if I have sinned for doing that.

Yes it suits you well. Food is not good though.

Again, a cruise vacation is part boat and part port. Yeah, if you already have a destination city in mind by all means fly there direct to enjoy it full-time. Cruising is relaxation therapy achieved through quiet time at sea or through means like reading time or spa treatments onboard and then you throw in a splattering of different port destinations to sample.

Yes, tons of food available 24/7. Food is not that bad at all, and you can spend a little to go high end if you want on certain days.

My wifey is as picky and finicky as they come. She loved it. Happy wifey = happy life…