Speaking Of Lil Kiddies And Their Schools

And we wonder why kids today are soft…:slight_smile:

On the subject of kiddies…


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Hey, who doesn’t like bagpipes and Sean Connery???

Picture #7–training for future inmates: “Better get used to these bars kid”

"“Why are traffic lights red, yellow and green?”

“Or, you can turn the question back to her and help her figure out the answer with plenty of encouragement.”

And the answer is? Just because…

Reminds me of this Studio C: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UYeX2AgLSrM

“And the colors for stop and the colors for go will be the two colors that color-blind people can’t tell apart.”

Hmm, didn’t think Pasadena’s public schools would be that poor…


Oh, more for your bigger kiddies…

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I don’t see what the hype is about this so called fast track program. Students can double major and graduate in four years if they try hard enough.

No need to work hard at all. Get enough APs during high school, and take summer courses for first two years is sufficient. For intelligent kids, AP courses are a walk in the park, take 1 year to do what is done in colleges, how hard can it be?

That’s the hard part. Most kids don’t want to go to school in the summer.

Really? I thought most did. But I would rather have my kid work. Summer school just reinforces the idea that you need more and more school to be useful at work.

How many colleges accept all those APs? Some only give you general credit and then limit the number of credits you’re allowed to get that way.

Back when I was in college a lot of my friends didn’t take summer school; they worked or traveled overseas instead. Maybe that has changed since kids are getting more and more competitive these days.

Interesting… My mom had me taking classes. No idea what my classmates did.

Starting in the fall of 2017, the two academic departments will offer a joint major — Course 6-14: Computer Science, Economics, and Data Science — because elements of the two fields have become, well, inseparable. The new major aims to prepare students to think at the nexus of economics and computer science, so they can understand and design the kinds of systems that are coming to define modern life. Think Amazon, Uber, eBay, etc.

“This area is super-hot commercially,” says David Autor, the Ford Professor of Economics and associate head of the Department of Economics. “Hiring economists has become really prominent at tech companies because they’re filling market-design positions.”

Puzzled? Long ago, CS and economics are together, my wife got a Bachelor of economics and computer science few decades ago, then there are no degree on CS only. Then they split, now they join again! The article implies now then they intersect which is not true.

Yes they do. If you think about what the “network effect” companies do, a lot of them are marketplaces:

For the moment, Amazon seems to be the most aggressive recruiter of economists. It even has an Amazon Economists website for soliciting résumés. In a video on the site, Patrick Bajari, the company’s chief economist, says the economics team has contributed to decisions that have had “multibillion-dollar impacts” for the company.

Look like the old CS degree is still around, is called Technology and Information Management in UCSC.

The degree has all the three elements, data science, computer science and economics.