Speaking Of Startups

I think the conference call space is getting crazy crowded, and how much annual revenue is there in it?

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Online Bank Chime Is Close to New Funding at a $1.5 Billion Value


Uh, there’s a thing called cashback debit card you know:

The Zerocard itself is a World Mastercard, so it earns credit card cash back. But unlike a traditional credit card, it’s combined with an FDIC-backed checking account called Zero Checking. That means Zerocard and Zero Checking work together in the app, allowing cardholders to see one net number they can spend from.

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Fintech is hot even if it’s not new tech.

In February, it was valued at 1.5b and Now it’s aiming for $5b valuation…

Just like that

Startups depends on startup vendors :crazy_face:

Also many of them can’t scale. Their clients are SMEs, startups and a small group of consumers :sweat_smile: