Speaking of technology, traffic lights and so on

WE have many topics on traffic, for sure.
But, what I have noticed lately is a trend of any city installing traffic lights (TL) on almost every intersection. You can turn left or right on any corner, and happy you go, only to be stopped by a TL half a block away, and, if people coming from, or living in that street are more than 200 I consider it a miracle.

We had a famous bus project here in the Alum Rock area. They screwed us all by not allowing us to turn left in some intersections. And, think about it, we are living in the era of technology and prosperity, but, you go to any intersection where you see the TLs. You can be the first one there but have to wait for the green signal to go around clockwise. Yes, a miracle if you get the get go. I am talking about a TL system installed this year.
If you live in San Jose, go and drive on Jackson Ave. As an example, from Alum Rock to McKee, you will notice there is 2 traffic lights in 1 block. No f… kidding you!

Then, as you know that once you get the green light to turn left on Alum Rock on a given corner, as you have done it in the past, you go ahead being the second driver to go through, only to see yourself caught in the yellow light, barely 5 seconds after seeing the green light. :laughing:

Then, you press the pedal to the metal, only to see nervously that security camera? pointing at you. Which in my experience is a dummy one because I blew the left light once. Gee! I saw the green light, and proceeded as if I was on vacation, only to see myself, as I explained almost at the end of the yellow light and seeing the red light in the middle of the intersection. :triumph::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

Then, I am a human being, and I love life. But, I know, being there, almost done that, but if you want to jump the bridge to fall into the oncoming traffic on any highway, do it without any fanfare. Just jump! Or, the police department use one of those rifles they use to tranquilize animals, gee! I know, so stupid, but what else is there?
This week, the entire Hwy 680/101, and all the surrounding entries and exits, including the streets or avenues aforementioned turned into a nightmare because a cheating incident, somebody was being dumped, and that pushed him to threaten his own life by attempting to jump from a bridge, while the lives of hundreds if not thousands of drivers turned into hell because he couldn’t or wouldn’t do it.