Spotify IPO: A New Trend?


The correct trend must be “Spottily expands its business to Block chain Technology and simultaneously filing IPO” :rofl:


Direct listing - boon or bane?

Doesn’t this avoid the millions and millions in IB fees? I think it’ll be a trend. If your IPO is desirable enough, you don’t need to pay IB firms millions and millions to promote it for you. It’ll be over subscribed. It does make me wonder if IB firms will try to make the IPO flop, since it’s a massive thread to one of their fee rich businesses.

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They avoid 30 Millions bank/underwriters fee.

It is like sellers listing on their own instead of real estate company …like that.

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Another IPO

I think it should be a trend for companies with enough name recognition and/or strong enough financials. Why pay $30M for someone to sell something that sells itself?

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Uh, isn’t that essentially the same question on RE agents? The hand holding is probably worth the cost, no?

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Correct ! This is almost like “In sellers market, why do we need RE agents?”.

Simple example is WS banks/Underwriters are marketing, hyping the IPOs so that price is hiked and dumped on public/investors.

Just see how Mark Z got FB hyped, got billions during IPO. He used those IPO money to challenge Google/Apple kind of companies…

In fact, Spotify is taking risk, let us see how it goes…IMO, Spotify is good growing company. If available in the market very cheep, I would even buy.


Also bearish on spotify. Apple music is taking their cake.

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It is growing among millennial

I cancelled my spotify subscription in favor of something else. it was not because i wsa not satisfied with it, but because there was something better.

Apple Music is shitty.

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I can imagine they’ll create a subscription product for ads free experience - on apps and stuff as well.

You chose Apple music over Spotify?

Nah - i am using yt red. Comes with music. It works for us, and we get ad-free yt to use chromecast with.

I would have thought FB was the best case for direct listing. Investment Bankers were whining at the time of FB IPO that Mark Z didn’t leave enough money on the table for their clients.

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As far as IPO goes I’d be more interested in Spotify than Dropbox. Spotify is more mainstream. Everybody I know uses Spotify to some extent. Don’t know anyone that uses Apple Music.

Because Apple Music sucks. Plain and simple.

I generally do not participate in IPOs 1st day or initially(Because - we general public anyways do not get 1st dibs on the public trading shares until @4-5 hours?? after it’s offered to bigger pocket investors such as people with maybe $10M+(guessing) in their trading account).

Any thoughts on this IPO? Is it too risky to think of making a quick buck? OR is “quick buck” strategy always risky? :slight_smile: