Spotify is public today

Was trading at $167 earlier.

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keyword is paid


I wonder how many paid subscriptions people can tolerate. Between music and video there’s:

Apple Music
Amazon prime
Disney (announced but not launched)

I’m sure I’m missing some.

I feel pandora dropped the ball. They were a leader in machine learning and failed to use it to grow into other areas.


I will confidently buy 2 year put when SPOT crosses 200 mark !

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Eventually some of these will go out of business or be acquired.

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I cant believe this non-ipo price is going to be sustainable. Apparently this opening price was heavily influenced by private market sales of the stock which ranged between 50 and 150$.

I tried shorting, but fidelity said it is not eligible shorting now!

It has retreated from $169 to $150.

Spotify is really good. I tried their free version but finally gave up and pay them $10 every month.

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I think there’s no shorting for 30-days. Options aren’t available at first either.

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Own none on the list :slight_smile:


In addition, where is their moat unlike let’s say Facebook, where I have to be in order to network with my friends?

Spotify’s moat is similar to google’s.

By having the most users Spotify knows more about music tastes and can in turn tailor their steaming more effectively. It’s like how more people search on google makes google better.

Spotify should sign up some original artists and go the route of Netflix. It has the platform to make stars. It also knows more about what types of music are popular and with whom.

  1. I would presume Apple(user data) would also have that.
  2. Regarding original artists, the rate of success should be similar to normal record making industry. Only thing different is scale, which competitors(apple music also have)

Spotify has to pay a fortune to get the music rights though. I wonder how long before they start directly signing record deals with bands the way Netflix makes video content.

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Apple theoretically has everything that Spotify has. What they lack is the hunger. Music is all Spotify has. It’s just a rounding error for Apple. I bet Spotify will execute much better than Apple.


The key element here is content. One problem to consider with AppleMusic is that Apple is too big. Music industries don’t want create a delivery platform that’s much more powerful than them. That gives then incentive to partner with smaller players such as Spotify. In the TV industry, many actually work with Hulu instead of Netflix. Same sentiments there.

Multiple TV companies have ownership in Hulu which is another reason they prefer i

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