Squatter to legal homeowner

Now have to know how this can be done because of what happen in Oakland.

“It would be great if we could just identify all the abandoned properties in Oakland and house all the homeless people in them,” DeCaprio said. “And then the problem would be solved at that point at least the immediate problem of people being unhoused.”

If the state does not make it so hard or impossible to remove tenants, maybe the property owners would actually be open to that idea. It’s indeed such a waste to have empty homes while having people live on the street.

The problem is the real intention of such an idea is to get the homeless to occupy these houses forever. You won’t see any news article talk about this, but it’s there in plain sight with simple logic reasoning.

This reminds me of the other piece of news about those moms posted yesterday.

“Oakland City Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan and Nikki Fortunato Bas were demanding that Wedgewood negotiate to sell or give the property to the women who have been living in the Magnolia Street house since Nov. 18.”

Why does it have to be “sell or give”? Why not convince the private company to rent to them? If this is not greedy I don’t know what is. It’s a little hard to imagine elected officials would have ideas like that. I think even Trump wouldn’t be this crazy.


“I want to thank Moms 4 Housing for taking that house and for demonstrating that nowhere, nowhere should there be a vacant house anywhere in California when we have the housing crisis that we have,” said Democratic Sen. Nancy Skinner of Berkeley. “And it was totally legitimate for those homeless moms to take over that house.


California politicians are forsaking American roots? No more property rights?

It’s more of that Californian freedom.

Let the games begin. There will be a media frenzy at the eviction. These women need to get on the talk shows like TheView to exploit their 15 minutes of fame. Bonfire of the Vanities in Oakland.

Is California a state in decline? People and ruler not wanting to respect property rights and follow the rule of law?

Justice served. I have been at several evictions. Never seen four people arrested like this one. This is a revolutionary act. Landlords beware. The homeless advocates have been radicalized. Scary stuff. Luckily the liberal mayor wasn’t out their protesting, too.

Skinner is a terrorist.