Stanford Confronts The Challenges Of Child Care In The Bay Area

I remember the old days when every neighborhood had a couple of SAHMs thst run a low-cost day are out of their home. Then the government stepped in and said that’s not acceptable. Now you need licensed workers, a certain child to adult ratio, a commercial space to meet all sorts of requirements. Is daycare really any better or safer, or are people just paying far more for it?

Well, I grew up in a household where my grandmother took care of us (while parents worked). I am sure a lot of asians here would attest to doing something like that too where they may have a mother or mother in law around. Hence the need for granny units. I am sure some moms end up staying home to care for the kids since the cost of child care is more than or close to what they were making anyway out there.


We still have in-home daycares in our neighborhood.

I took care of my kids, still taking care of them. It gives me the freedom, sort of, to have my life insurance license giving me a good income.

No offense, but only parents can talk about the need to “trust” anybody not having a license to take care of our kids.

In the beginning, my only child was taken care of. But I still had to pick him up before the 8 hours ran out. Sometimes I would shop up unexpectedly, to find my kid sleeping on his chair. Lunch was served, he didn’t eat.

We moved him to another local childcare. No license. The boyfriend later on was arrested for not reporting his sexual predator location to the authorities.

So, the day you have a child of your own, you can assume or say anything, including the right of them to live peacefully and attend a school where there are no shootings.