Stanford Graduated Software Engineer Can't Afford Palo Alto


Parents is better from a monetary perspective, but probably not from a sanity perspective :smiley: . Roommates still will cost quite a bit more money.


Or from a personal growth perspective.


She is 29, likely 7 years out of Stanford and as sfdragonboy says “probably represents the top tier in salary generally speaking for her age and education level.” IMO she has some valid complaints but at what point does this generation take action and do something to bring about change so they can stop adding extra roommates or living with mom and dad.


Granted maybe top tier for the US as a whole, but not around here. Every software engineer being hired out of college around here is making 6 figures right off the bat. I get the overall theme though.


She’s also not married so single income. That’s going to make it even more difficult to afford the best areas.

The issue is their actions will be short-sighted. They’ll argue for rent control which only helps if you win the lottery to get a unit. CA has a shortage of 1.4M affordable units. All the suggested plans would create 300-400 units a year. Also, rent control keeps people away from home ownership which is the biggest driver of wealth inequality. They aren’t likely to argue for relaxed zoning, higher density development, and building enough housing to balance supply and demand. They want to magically afford Palo Alto as it exists today and not a much denser version of Palo Alto that’d help with prices. Their thoughts are so emotional and irrational that they defy all economic rules. It’s on par with trying to reduce gravity. Any action they demand will ultimately make the situation worse not better. That’s already been happening for decades, and we can all see the results. .


You guys need to give Huang more credit. She is NOT arguing for rent control. Did you all read the article? :slight_smile:

After hearing enough of these stories, Huang started speaking at City Council meetings about the need for more housing in Palo Alto.


She felt like she’s entitled to live in Palo Alto just because she is raised there. Give me a break. If you don’t have the money and want something better, sacrifice a little. Move to San Jose and start a commute. Some people have to commute all the way from Stockton, you know.


Rent control is the worst poison. Repeal rent control!

She’s arguing for more construction. That’s ok. She is a YIMBY, not a rent control fool. But her argument is very poor, too much entitlement mentality.

When her parents moved to PA, BA population was smaller. As the population increase, the extra people will need to live in other places. They can’t demand their parents to move away


What i dont get is why are companies setting up shops in PA? Proximity to vc isn’t it, since there are lots in sf. They should set up companies where smart graduates can afford.

Between redwood city and millbrae still seem within reach for most tech workers. So is san jose. These cities should be “gentrified” to accommodate more tech workers - when their price goes up, we can move again to oakland, haywa4d etc.


I wonder this too. I know the startup that I worked at a few years back was told by their VCs that they had to set up shop in either Mt View or Palo Alto. Perhaps there was wiggle room on that but that is what the board wanted. Not sure if that is typical.


PA is so yesterday. SF is the center of startups.

PA benefits from the existing tech giants such as Google, Facebook, Apple and VMware.

The problem is not that companies are located in PA. Actually most of them not. The problem is that PA has the fame. I do not have to live in PA, but I would if given the choice due to its reputation. I see no reason Jane Huang has to reside in PA. She can live in EPA or redwood city perfectly. Or Newark, SanJose and Gilroy

Nobody has the right to live in a highly desirable place. Jane needs to realize that she is not entitled to it. Even if PA builds more housing, her living choice won’t change much.

She might be using this to gain some fame and later get elected to some positions. Nice try and wish her good luck!


I have invested in Palo Alto and actually lost money. …No guarantees…Owned a house in Menlo Park…

Much preferred area for me…Less traffic, no snobbery…Getting in and out of Palo Alto is a nightmare…


I prefer Menlo Park too. By far my favorite over the other cities I’ve lived in on the peninsula (Palo Alto, Mountain View, Sunnyvale). Maybe just luck finding good neighbors but we have found it to be a much more friendly community.


If your neighborhood is mostly white and you really prefer your neighborhood over others, is it racism or just a personal preference which is politically correct?


My neighborhood is not mostly white. Neighbors are Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and White.


how come no blacks and latinos, that’s racist in today’s standard


No one is barring anyone overtly from any neighborhood. Money talks, you know the rest…


Really??? So everybody living in Palo Alto is “racist”… :rofl:


Menlo Park is 70% white and Sunnyvale is 43%. A white person preferring Menlo Park over Sunnyvale is at the risk of white supremacy.

Manch is an Asian with left back and right black. He’s in a better position


If that’s your understanding of white supremacy you need to take some classes.