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It’s called segregation. And segregation is the worst form of white supremacy. We can call Menlo Park preference the housing white supremacy


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LOL. Now I know @BAGB is

  1. not white
  2. not educated nor schooled in America

He has a very superficial understanding of the American culture and tries to apply the knowledge he obtained from literature to real world situations, often resulting in hilarious interpretations and misunderstandings.


I learned from Obama, it’s called housing segregation. Google it

Obama is not white but he was educated in US


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Remove your unconscious White Housing supremacy


I am not sure if it’s meant to be a joke. But assuming it isn’t, that’s a fundamental misunderstanding of segregation. Segregation is racist if it’s achieved by policy. For example if your town has some zoning laws that exclude certain races.

A private citizen’s personal preference for one neighborhood over another, even if he or she wants to be neighbors with certain races is not racist to me. Just like I like Asian women more than white or black women and my wife is Chinese. Am I racist? No.


Which political party implemented the practice of redlining?

It was the democrats when they created the FHA. Yes, it was the democrats that implemented the policies that led to segregation and discrimination.


If his mom asks him not to marry a black woman, is his mom a racist? Or personal preference?

If a white person decides not to live in one neighborhood since there are many black residents, is she a racist? She’s not marrying or dating every neighbor. If she chooses to live in west Menlo Park instead of cheaper EPA due to many whites in Menlo Park and many blacks and Latinos in EPA, is she a secret racist? Is there a secret prejudice against Blacks and Hispanics? When she mentions her neighbors, she did not list any black and Hispanic when black and Hispanic are in the top 3 racial groups. With 70% of white people, she still maintains that “not many whites”. Does she want even more white people with even higher percentage?


And then 1960s happened, with Lyndon Johnson embracing the civil rights movement, Nixon with his southern strategy and GOP and the Dems switched roles regarding race.

They don’t teach that history in American high school?


Instead of making personal assumptions about another person, perhaps we can dial in on you? How’s your neighbor situation? Do you have neighbors representing all races?


Doubtful @BAGB will reveal anything personal about himself, other than the fact that he is a man not a woman (or maybe not even that… I’m just guessing… :rofl)

Anyhow expect complete silence on that matter. And also no use at all reasoning with him. Like the old Chinese adage, 對牛彈琴… :laughing:


It’s not an issue who your neighbors are until you declare your preference. If you prefer Menlo Park over Sunnyvale, there’s a potential question on racism.

I’m not saying anyone is a racist. I think his mom is not a racist and she just has a cultural preference, even if her son thinks she’s a racist.

I did not declare my preference between a white majority neighborhood and a more balanced neighborhood, so there is no reason to look at me. If a person happens to live in Menlo Park and he’s not declaring Menlo park is better than Sunnyvale, no question is needed

How many people can tell what is racism and what is not? We are all against racism but we need to know exactly what’s racism. If you say white is better than other colors, you are a racist and a white supremacist. But what if you say a white neighborhood is better than a black neighborhood? We need to define it. Is it a prejudice, yes. Is it a prejudice based on race, yes. Is it racism? Please vote

Ps: this is a general discussion, not targeted to anyone. MM_HH is a very progressive person and she’s definitely the least racist person here.

My point is to get you guys think deeply. You do not need to show you are superior in some way since that’s not politically correct. “Educated and schooled here”? That’s prejudice and xenophobia plus insensitive to other people’s pride. Everyone is equal, regardless of race, gender, national origin, education etc. we should be open minded and be welcome any person from anywhere with every religion and every education background. It’s wrong to assume an “education and school here” is better. A US college grad has no reason to feel superior to a graduate from a Mexican university

The best discussion is when everyone’s identity is hidden. That way, we’ll debate only on ideas and not on prejudice


“Racist” is a social concept. By law you can’t take race into consideration in certain matters, like housing and employment. “Racist” is not illegal. Racial discrimination in certain areas is.

Now since “racist” is a social construct, it has fuzzy meaning. What is racist to one may not be to another. But there is some well established norm around some cases. Using the n-word certain is. Norms change. What’s racist today very often were totally fine in the past.

But if you say someone living in a mostly white neighborhood (we don’t even know this as a fact) and likes living there is racist, it’s clearly way out of current norm as to be meaningless. So everyone in Wisconsin is racist, expect Milwaukee? People in Chinatown are racist, because 80+% of people there are Chinese? It makes no sense.


It is not about race it is about money…People want their neighbors to be richer than they are…Rich people don’t rob you…Human nature…Always but the worst house in the best neighborhood you can afford…It is called upward mobility not racism


When I visited an open house in a gentrifying neighborhood, I went into a shop and asked a salesperson who is minority. “Is it safe here? Is it getting better?” He replied, “it’s way better now. You see a lot of white people walking around now”. isn’t this racism? He is not white, but he related increasing white population to “better” neighborhood. Of course, he did not break a law and we can’t put him into jail, but his comment is clearly racist and it seems that that’s how many ordinary people talk


Poverty is the problem. …Racism is a liberal buzz word to rally their base…In reality most poor people in the US are white…Many living in Red States in small towns and farms…There future is dim…lots of despair and drugs…


All they did was say they were helping, but they created programs that led to a huge increase in single parent minority families. That’s created multi generational poverty and government dependence. They did an amazing job of convincing people they were helping while the policies were actually harmful. It’s hurt everyone but minorities even more so.

Checkout the two charts. You can see minorities disproportionately impacted by the huge increase in single parent families after 1965. You can also see the minority kids in single parent homes are far less likely to finish HS than white kids in single parent homes.

You can actually explain more of the financial gap by the difference in rate of single parenthood between races. Single parenthood also correlates to kids who commit more crime too. That could be why some races are over represented in the prisoner population. Instead of looking to solve the root cause we turn them into victims, blame white people, and throw more programs at them to “help”. Those programs are doing just the opposite.


Teenage single moms are almost guaranteed a life of poverty…their kids too…Educating women is the biggest way to end poverty in any society. …