Stanford, it is

No, but I have considered getting trained first and then deciding if that was the right thing to do. Gotta protect my assets if the world goes to hell like some of you are suggesting…

Where did she end up going?

Or you just need a rich daddy. Like how Ivanka’s husband got into Harvard. Daddy wrote a big check and doors swung open.

I remember one time Stanford’s president went to Hong Kong just to visit Li Ka Shing, the richest man in Asia at the time. His sons all went to Stanford.

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Outstanding evidence that the kid would do very well in society…

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That’s for sure. If I remember correctly, one of Li’s sons didn’t even finish Stanford. And surprise! He’s still doing very, very well.

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Gates and Zukerberg did not finish college as well. Thiel was even supporting smart kids to skip college and start new companies immediately

Many people are over-educated. Most of the PhDs are over educated

We need to reduce the number of high school dropouts and illiterates. Also we do not want to waste people’s time in college for too long. We may have an excess of colleges and an excess of college graduates with no useful skills

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In a previous workplace a coworker who came from a rural community said the following:

B.S. - Bull S***
M.S. -More of the same
Phd - Piled high deep

While I don’t agree with him completely :slight_smile: sometimes I do not understand why a Phd is required for a job where a colleague is doing the same job with a B.S.

Agree. IMHO, some kids need to stay longer to learn… should not force every1 to finish in 4 years.

She applied for early decision and didn’t get into Stanford. So now she is waiting for decision from other schools. I’m sure she will be accepted to a good school. Though might not be her top choice, like Stanford.

Oscar Winner Now Billionaire on Tableau Sale to Salesforce

Patrick Hanrahan, Tableau Software Inc.’s chief scientist and co-founder, is an Academy Award-winner, a Stanford University professor and, now, a billionaire.