Stanford, it is

Stanford is a big part of the bay eco system that makes it great.

Happy to see Indian Institute of Tech higher than any other non US schools

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Yeah, have to give Stanford its due. A school that is often mentioned as super uber good and tough to get in is Cal Tech. On that list, I might have expected MIT to rank higher than it did.

Stanford duck syndrome.

UC only has 18, but USC, University of Waterloo, BYU, Michigan total 22. So 4 schools beat 10 UCs. UC has underperformed even when it has the location advantage. Berkeley, Davis and Santa Cruz are all close to Silicon Valley.

Is it ok to include UC as one university?

Yes, that seems low too for UC… but don’t shed a tear, Bruinland made big news last year…

Are these counting undergrad, grad or both? Most IIT graduates who became startup founders came here for masters and PhDs, and most likely in the top 5 CS departments which we conveniently have 2 right here.

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There could be double dipping, IIT and stanford alum gets 1 each against them, which is fair.

Yes a lot of people from other good undergrads will go to Stanford for graduate if they want to startup because they know that’s where the VC are

I just know that one of my nephews is planning to apply to that university, and he is trailing from Guatemala. What money does…

One single admission system. They put you in the best UC (of all the UCs that you have applied for) that they think you should go. UCs are moving away from creating rockstars like Stanford… they feel is not the way humans should be… aiming to be rockstars and get rich fast… UCs prefer grooming well rounded people who appreciate life and has a nice career that suit their personalities. So we are unlikely to see UCs rank high in creating mythical creatures.

Ok, maybe add one for MIT soon…

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My coworker’s kid has 4.0 GPA (unweighted) and perfect score on the SAT. And she attended a top high school, just across the street from Stanford. She did not make it to Stanford. Too bad.

I think getting into Standard is the “unicorn”.

Sounds like a bright individual. Hey, seeing the world or going back East perhaps is not a bad thing. Sometimes, rejection is the best lesson one learns in life.

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GPA and SAT ain’t good enough. Stanford wants all rounders with a high possibility of doing very well in society. Need good recommendation letters, writing responses, outstanding interviews and evidences of leadership through participation in sports, clubs and some worthwhile societal contribution.

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