Stanford offers to spend $4.7 billion on housing and transit relief in the Bay Area

Why do people expect a private university to provide affordable housing? This is getting out of control. Local governments are blaming everyone else for the lack of affordable housing.


Is Stanford building 2,172 homes for its own faculty and workers? If they are building homes for their own workers, it does not benefit the community much.

I’m willing to build homes for myself as well

“The plan calls for 2,172 workforce housing units, including 575 “front-loaded below-market-rate housing units.””


Those Stanford people are now renting in PA. So if they move into Stanford-built housing they will move out their existing places and other people can move in.

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Obviously for their paid slaves.

I’m ok with Stanford building houses. People should be ok with other people to build homes.

Stanford’s PR is misleading though

I had a couple of friends who attended grad school at stanford and were able to take advantage of their housing. It was really nice units at a fraction of Palo Alto rent. it may actually be worth it to enroll at Stanford just to get access to subsidized housing :smiley:


Stanford has subsidized housing, Berkeley has pension. Which is more attractive to faculties? Is Stanford pay much better than Berkeley?

Stanford should be better because they have a $100B fund… may be more, can’t remember.

Only 20B. 20B can buy 10k houses in Mountain View, still not enough for the workers, far from enough for Bay Area residents

They can raise however much they want to, especially it’s for a certified good cause like housing.

Stanford can ask its alumni move out of Bay Area and donate their houses to Bay Area. Will it be enough for Bay Area?

Or we can set a policy to evict everyone who makes too much money from Bay Area.

Stanford is sitting on 8180 acres in SV (that’s more than Apple’s 7000+ acres). This doesn’t include additional holdings in other counties.

The main Stanford campus is located in six different governmental jurisdictions:

  • 4,017 acres in unincorporated Santa Clara
  • 2,701 acres in unincorporated San Mateo County
  • 1,161 acres in Palo Alto
  • 114 acres in Woodside
  • 111 acres in Menlo Park
  • 76 acres in Portola Valley

It is one of the few players with the capacity to make a dent in the housing shortage.


Now we need to pressure Apple to do more on housing. That nice spaceship they get has lots of space for housing. :smiling_imp:

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May take off and fly to Austin :stuck_out_tongue:

Which would be a pretty stupid thing to do given that Stanford and not the occupant owns the land and forces some truly awful deed restrictions onto purchasers.
If my dad, a Stanford prof, had bought in Palo Alto and not Stanford way back in '69 the family estate would have been worth at least a million more.