Stanford pays $130 million for Los Altos apartments

In February 2016, the Woodland Park Apartments in East Palo Alto were bought for $412.5; in August 2016, the Indigo Apartments in Redwood City were bought for $320 million; in June 2016, the Franklin 2099 apartments in Santa Clara were bought for $212.7 million; in September 2016, The Marston by Winsdor complex was bought for $153 million; and in June 2016, the Foxchase apartment complex was bought for $150.5 million, according to Seligman and Marcus & Millichap.

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Wow! The capital gains were tremendous. I bet they had people specialized on deferring that money for 30 years without using a 1031 exchange.

130M is a whole different level. I don’t even know what kind of financial games you can play at that level…

Can someone explain why Stanford doesn’t just build on their own freaking land? They literally have the last buildable land and they don’t use it.

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City won’t allow that much building on Stanford land. I’m wondering why Stanford can’t incorporate into a separate city so that it can have its own zoning laws?

Can we buy 100 acres of land in unincorporated location and form a new city of high rise?

Sanford is not in Palo Alto…Its in Santa Clara county zoning…I am sure they could build more on their own land…They own Stanford shopping center, Rosewood, and plenty of other commercial properties. …

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This is well aligned with my understanding.
I used to live in Escondido Village and i had never seen a single summer without major construction on campus.
Stanford has much much more housing now than then. They also plan to replace 2 story town homes in EV to highrise.
However, demand is still much higher than supply.
That part is a bit mystery to me.
Does Stanford accept more students than before?

If they are following other schools, their administrative staff is probably 4-5x bigger than it was 30 years ago. Also, I bet their hospital employs way more people than before.


Ironic. Ain’t IT suppose to increase admin efficiency? And Stanford is known to be excellent in IT. Guess IT folks are not interested in increasing op efficiency and improve admin productivity, too focused on the big things, changing the world! Anything that doesn’t sound BIG and is a BREAKTHROUGH are not worth doing.

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They use the evil “avoiding taxes” programs somebody despises. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

There is a tax deferral program where they receive 93.5% of their money, and they get to pay the taxes 30 years later at the current bracket they are in now. I calculate, badly, the sellers of this property would be paying $30 million in capital gain-taxes, not my forte, but I assume that is the right amount, I don’t care, I just put that amount as an example of how much money they have to invest in 30 years. :astonished:

This program can be used by anybody selling from $500K and up where they have to pay capital gains. Instead of 1031, you can use almost the entire proceeds from the sale to invest more and more. LOL…:stuck_out_tongue:

Now, let’s hear the negative people…3,2,1…

IT has nothing to do with it. All colleges have added staff since the 60s. The office of this, the office of that. Office of minorities, Office of LGBT, Counsellors, Ombudsman, Lawyers, etc. etc. One wonders what kids did when they had an issue back in the 60s… Or sorry, I meant to say “adults” because that’s what they were in colleges in the 60s. Now they’re kids to be babysat because parents are nervous about them leaving the house.

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I thought Stanford was in fact its own “city” or whatever entity it is just as Harvard is its own. If you address a letter to a building on Stanford it’s addressed to “Stanford, CA”

Yea, parents suck!

What you guys don’t get out of this is that Stanford is like you guys, they love real estate. Stay out of their way :scream: