Starbucks semi bombed

So did the evil Oracle.

Yay and yay!!!

The days of overpriced database is over. The trend is to use free DBs. Even the tools has to be free. Perhaps even services need to be free too. So not sure how Oracle made money… increasingly less and less opportunity to make money.

enterprise contracts.

Enterprise guys are so lazy? So many free open source stuffs.

tooling aroudn commercial dbs are more - etl, back up, scaling etc.

Postgres kicks everyone elses ass though, but that’s probably another matter.

I more talking about increasingly not the past or now or the recent future. Investing is about distant future :slight_smile: Trading is about recent future.

Tons of people have invested their careers in oracle tech. Their yearly conference in SF is huge. Their results are actually not too bad but investors freaked out over the decelerating growth rate in their cloud biz. As a result oracle will no longer break out its cloud biz in its quarterly report. :smile:

The irony of Starbucks is they are closing stores in liberal cities with high minimum wages that makes the stores less profitable or not profitable at all. Their own leftist agenda is biting them.

Starbucks doesn’t understand their business. In Italy there is a to go price and a sit down price. You charge extra for the people that lounge around. And charge for the bathrooms too.

charging for bathroom is good, except i don’t really want to wait in the line :slight_smile: I’d rather use bathroom first, then pay :slight_smile:

OMG, you don’t do that! Those are 2 of my favorite activities and I do that religiously every single day without failing!!! :rofl:

Sitting and shitting in a coffee shop is the the biggest waste of time ever. At least in Amsterdam you can smoke pot at the same time.

I’m FIRED. I have nothing better to do all day long… :rofl:

Hang at the gym or take up surfing. Ocean beach has world class surfing

That’s the other 50% of my time is at the gym. The other 50% is at Starbucks “replenishing”… :rofl:

You should buy Starbucks stock

Oh… hell no.

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