Startup gets $33M from Eric Schmidt, others, to help fine-tune home-buying decisions

HouseCanary has built what it calls the most comprehensive real estate data set in the U.S., combining street-level house sales, crime, employment and economic data to accurately forecast the value of a property at any time. That’s useful for real estate agents helping their clients with pricing and offers, and companies that own a real estate portfolio and want to keep tabs on its current value.

"We want to do for residential real estate what Bloomberg did for financial services – build a platform that will be a beacon of accuracy and transparency, enabling greater speed and confidence in residential real estate transactions,” CEO Jeremy Sicklick said in a statement.

Charging for home value estimates when others like Zillow and Redfin are doing for free? Good luck with that.

I’am happy that we are slowly moving to a world without Real Estate Agents :slight_smile:
I love Redfin as a listing app but their estimates aren’t any good.

Yeh, they suck. They mostly just add some small random discount to the list price and call it their estimate. And after the sale they lie and show you another estimate that’s magically very close to the final number.

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Actually this could be like an online appraisal that HELOC underwriting could use. Zillow is not accurate.

Professional apppraisers with boots on the ground and hours of work often get the price wrong. .How is some algorithm at 30,000 ft going to get it right?.The demise of realtors has been predicted forever…hasn’t happened. .Meanwhile thanks to our legal system transactions are getting harder and harder. …Maybe you want to rename their job description but transaction coordination is tough even for seasoned pros and getting tougher every day…the banks alone have made buying real estate a freaking nightmare…That is one reason why I only do cash transactions. .


Those who experienced a few cycles prefer cash transactions :blush: