Startup Rewards Homebuyers with Airline Miles

Buying a home will probably be the biggest purchase of your life. Imagine earning airline miles for it.

That idea was the impetus for FlyHomes, an online real estate brokerage and platform that rewards house hunters with airline miles when they purchase a home. Today, the startup is coming out of stealth mode in Seattle, where it has been operating quietly since late last year, and launching a beta version of its product in Boston. FlyHomes plans to expand service to Silicon Valley in early June.

I think I’d rather have that 1.5% back as cash not miles. One way or another you’re paying for it.

This miles-rebate strikes me as particularly dumb. But hey, it’s “for millennials”! Who am I to judge? :smile:

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You know, I guess it does have a purpose…

If you are afraid that you’ll be house poor and never take a vacation again, I guess it does allow you to get over your fear of buying that house.

That said, I’d rather have furniture and fixit, and a partnership with Home Depot would make a lot more sense to me.