Startup terminator

One of the major ways in which debt is paid back.

TC: Years ago, you told me that Sherwood had begun selling a lot of intellectual property. At the time you’d even created a new company called Agency IP in Mountain View around the auction of IP. Is that still what you’re primarily focusing on when you unwind startups?

MP: We sell a lot of patents, maybe more than anyone else. Usually, the only way to pay back [lenders’] loans is to sell the patents. So people aren’t paying what the company would have been worth but usually enough to pay back that secured debt.


Good or bad news?

Considering he is seeing more wind-downs , it might mean bad things. But could just be a bit of noise till people find jobs again at the big firms.

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Maybe I should save a lot of money, buy a lot of patents from failed startups, then get a law degree. Afterwards money will grow on the parents :grin: