Statewide Rent Control?

I don’t get how they can pass this without first repealing the existing legislation that bans rent control.


Can elected officials repeal a voter approved legislation such as Costa Hawkins?

If Costa Hawkins bans rent control at city and county level, does it ban state level rent control?

Actually Oregon kept the ban on local rent control but still passed statewide rent control. Cities in Oregon have no authority to implement a different rent control policy.

All we need is a recession and this talk of rent control goes away. Not sure how this interplays with costa hawkins.

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This is crazy! If rent control comes, they apply too many controls (other than rent) that affects local owners/landlords.

I see the value in moving out of CA, may be Seattle .


Seattle is too cold and rain too much. Move to Austin :grinning:

Austin is hot, Seattle is gloomy, cold, I like the weather of Seattle.

On any case, I can stay at CA getting rid of all rentals (RE) and moving to stocks.



Do nothing till it becomes real🔥

No doubt, It can also fail any time (hope…)

Maybe we should rent a 3M house in Cupertino for 4500 a month now, in case statewide rent control passes. That way, you can grab a low rent house and keep it forever :smiley:

Rent control will come with just cause eviction control, rental registration, and other forms of controls


Seattle is so blue and right next to Oregon. It doesn’t feel safe.

Maybe Austin, Nashville, Florida, NC

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Don’t move to actual Seattle. The city council is insane. The suburbs are safer where it’s almost all SFH and owner-occupied. They won’t have the political will to take priority rights away from owners, since it’d be taking right away from themselves.


I wrongly said Seattle, but actually meant Camas, WA - Next to Portland, or Stay in current primary and get out of all rentals.

This is again scary !

How is the job market there? I imagine there’s a lot less tech than the Seattle area.

Jobs are only at Portland, 5-7 miles away. I do not look for jobs, sell all CA rentals as I may take retirement. Any way, serious consideration is to stay bay area, sell all rentals when rent control comes into picture.


RE crash!

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California (and DEMs) are changing the environments.

Too much CA tax, SALT removal by Trump, SJC City business tax (all rentals), property tax are applied at expense side. No one can control on this tax expense, neither can challenge government.

In the name of rent control, they apply lot of restriction on revenue side - which is horrible.

Rather simply buy some S&P index, keep quiet.

If I decide to move tax free state later, I can sell my stocks/funds without paying any penny to CA tax.

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How about same county? Years ago I looked into Bellevue, which is also in King county.

Bellevue has been rocketing up. I like it more then Seattle. It’s like being in Cupertino and Seattle being SF

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Bellevue and Redmond are good. Generally suburbs are better due to higher homeownership. It’s in a slump now, you can try to pick some good deals :rofl: