Stephen Curry Quietly Buys $31 Million Atherton Mansion

And Curry can also take comfort in knowing his new Atherton neighbors are every bit as rich as he. Besides Lukatz, some of the other nearest folks include Warriors owner Joe Lacob and WhatsApp billionaire Jan Koum, whose $80+ million, still-under-construction mega-estate is just two doors away. And practically next door to Curry is another substantial estate that serves as the main residence for high-profile real estate developer Dave Dollinger and his new wife Tara, the couple who recently purchased a $29 million teardown in Bel Air.

Directly behind the Curry estate is an even larger compound that — back in 2017 — sold for $33.5 million to billionaire Liu Qiangdong, the so-called “Jeff Bezos of China.” Next door to Liu is the $25 million compound of Chinese real estate billionaire Liu Zhiqiang, and next door to him is the even larger complex of KKR’s multibillionaire leader George Roberts. On and on it goes — Atherton’s residents list includes a nearly countless number of tech tycoons and foreign business moguls.

Curry is living next to a serial rapist? :scream:

That’s a big upgrade from Walnut Creek.

Curry’s last few RE buys were duds though investment-wise.

Curry is not done buying Bay Area RE.