Stock market "crashed" today

Ok, where are all the doom and gloomers? I thought they would have come rushing out in force by now…

senseamp won today


Lol, 1.8% down after how much of an increase? I better switch to life insurance!

Some loser is hurt, he was caught without any excuses and accusing people of something that only exists in his ignorant mind, like his daddy complaining he is being treated badly like no politician in history…:scream:

By the way, there it is, it is coming! Obama’s fault!

No, Hillary, they must have said something. :stuck_out_tongue:

Market makes new ATH today. AMZN got rejected at $999.00 though. I don’t think it’ll hit $1,000 today.

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Everybody is bullish now. Hard to find bears. So the market would keep roaring till its death. When? Any1 want to guess? As I said, I recall way long ago is 2018 at the earliest, manch read other websites claimed everybody say ending soon. Well it depends where you read stuff.

The next recession is 2027. We have 10 more years to go.

Next recession or great recession? Recession happens often. Great recession and depression not so much.

The next one like what happened in 2000 and 2008.

You’re referring to great recession then. Recessions are so often, no big fuss, big boys don’t care about them as not much impact except those few unlucky ones.

Relax people, unless you are a broker selling stocks for a living, relax.

But to be in compliance with me being a jokester…sell now, the bubble is coming! :stuck_out_tongue:

We haven’t had the crazy peak yet.

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Nobody has a crystal ball. They are saying to hold on to stocks 6 months before the big crash. But not even they know when the big crash is. Could be tomorrow or could be 10 years from now. So the only strategy one can do is to hold on to these stocks until things fall off the cliff but by then it would be too late to sell.

The good old days. 8 months ago when Amazon was only 1000. Up 40% since then

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Allow me to illustrate using AAPL chart in 2017.
Miss the few crucial days/weeks/months, you miss the yearly appreciation.

No one sells at peak and no one buys at low - for all the times.

We must be happy if we are selling at 90% - 95% peak and buying 5-10% at bottom.

As long as we are positive and able to fairly time the market , we are great!

If we know clearly, we can hold some good stocks for long like hanera’s AAPL !!

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