Stocks vs real estate


Then, It is very expensive lunch for me !


Aren’t we supposed to buy more today?


If you have excess capital any day is a good day to buy. Remember I went all in during the height of the last bubble (2007) and it turned out ok!!! So there’s no reason to fear.


Also, market dipped today because of… North Korean tensions. LOL. Buy the dip!!!


@hanera, how does that 3% plunge in your portfolio feel?

@manch, time for you to load up JD and especially MOMO now that it plunged 6%?


Haha. I buy on the way up, not down.

BTW are you guys in the bunker yet?


So you sell on the way down…

@hanera might be too shocked to talk… :rofl:


SNAP tanked, no surprise. I’m probably done with puts on it. I can’t imagine much more downside. NVDA is down big too. I started positions in TWLO, NTNX, SHOP, and VEEV… They were all down over 4% on zero news specific to them.


Typically, the bottom is in late Sep/ early Oct. Remember black October? So no urgency to add.


Not necessarily…




This is short-term thanks to N Korea. I think it’ll be similar to Brexit.


This is the key understanding, Market inefficiency/volatility. All short terms fall is an opportunity to buy.


What make you so sure this is a short-term correction and not a medium term correction?


My input: medium term correction happened from 8/15 to 2/16.


Sell, hold or buy?


Is there any data that points to economic weakness? On the contrary, we have GDP growth improving, higher job growth, wage growth, better labor force participation, and lower unemployment. Meanwhile, inflation is staying low which means the fed has time before there’s another rate hike.


Correct. Whatever is happening now is based on Trump and Korea issue escalation and volatility based on that. This has nothing to do real economic issues.


One clear disturbing signal is here, looks like spending is going to be reduced second half of the year

Shares of Priceline Group Inc. fell Wednesday after the online travel company cut forecasts for growth in hotel bookings.

TripAdvisor Inc. shares initially swooned after that company, too, said revenue growth would slow, but rebounded by the end of the trading day.

The reasons behind the reduced forecasts were very different for the two companies as are the long-term implications, according to analysts.

TripAdvisor was briefly down more than 4% and Priceline Group fell by nearly 8% in midday trading. Priceline closed 6.9% lower and TripAdvisor rose 2.5% on Wednesday.

Both companies make money in online travel, but TripAdvisor is largely reliant on online advertising revenue associated with its hotel listings and reviews. Priceline makes money through customers booking on its sites.

TripAdvisor’s revenue per hotel shopper was down 2% from a year earlier, according to its earnings release Tuesday, and the company cut revenue-growth expectations for the year. Executives pointed to a faster-than-expected shift toward mobile devices, where advertising generates less revenue than on desktop and laptop computers.

Priceline Group is projecting slower growth in gross bookings for the third quarter, about 9% to 14%, which compares to 15% to 20% growth for the same quarter last year. The decline Wednesday was the largest for the company’s shares in more than a year.

Analysts said Priceline’s dip is likely a one-time blip driven by the slower growth forecast, and the company has historically been conservative in its estimates. For TripAdvisor, however, they see a longer-term challenge as more customers shift to mobile devices for shopping.


Is growth slowing or are there just more competitive sites? They are still growing much faster than inflation. Clearly travel is taking market share from other types of consumer spending. That makes sense as everyone talks about millennials spending on experiences and not things.