Stocks vs real estate


It’s like Microsoft only needs to do Windows well. It works great for 20 years but eventually the world shifts away.

The metric for me is Youtube. Google has ceased innovating on Youtube. Actually they never did after they bought it in 2005. Their ad format is just a port-over of TV ads. And I have never seen a compelling Youtube ad that I am not itching for the skip button. Every Youtube ad sucks. Every single one.

Contrast that to Facebook ad. I often don’t mind the ads, and have clicked on many of them because they genuinely seem interesting to me.


Facebook is also kind of a one trick pony… all it does is social media and most of its revenue comes from one website:


Instagram will become bigger than one day. And they haven’t even started on WhatsApp yet. Look at WeChat and imagine what MarkZ can do with WhatsApp.

In fact, Pony Ma wanted to buy WhatsApp but MarkZ beat him to it by offering twice the price.


Um… ok… yes I do have more faith in MarkZ than any exec at Google. Maybe I should convert all my Google stocks into FB. If there’s a way for me to 1031 exchange stocks without any tax consequences I definitely would, but as it stands I don’t think I will.

I hope Google can start paying some dividend soon if it is not going to grow fast anymore.


First should be buying a primary home. Studies show home ownership is the biggest driver of the wealth gap in this country. You could try to be the outlier getting rich while renting but why? Unless you’re renting to put all your money into starting your own business, then it’s just not a smart move.

I think the easiest strategy is to buy a fixer-upper, do a lot of the work yourself, then keep it as a rental and buy the next home. If you don’t care about accumulating max wealth, then you can sell each house and buy another to renovate and sell. You could get to owning a home free and clear pretty fast. Most people can live very comfortably without a mortgage payment.


If you compare earnings statement, AMZN is nowhere near GOOGL or AAPL.

Risk side, Apple is better than Google, and Google is better than FB and FB is better than AMZN.

This is why Warren Buffet Choose Apple as his investment when it went down $99, seeking Margin of Safety. His investment Choice gave him 50% gain by now !


Wall Street penalizes companies with good earnings. Only those companies that earn next to nothing (or spend more than they earn) but with a great storyline will get investors salivating and begging for more. Examples: amzn, TSLA, nflx.


Marketing wins ! Analysts are paid to market companies…etc. Most of the mass swayed away by these Hypes !
True value seekers standout and escape when there is real down turn.

Experience, Experience and never ending Experience helps in investment.


Obviously I am hesitant to believe some of this stuff online but any merit to this stock?


Office and retail properties are too risky. .Stick with multi family



Blue Apron caters to a very niche market: People who have the free time and the money to cook fancy food every day. Investors found out that market is smaller than they thought.


Never invest in food companies, grocery stores or restaurants…No barriers to entry, no way to stop competition. .always fligh high for awhile then crash…Boston Market, Chipolte…all such…Macdonalds is best of breed…ok for old farts like Buffet but why bother…


In fact don’t invest in anything besides high tech…


Uhaul ahas done better than tech 24 to $400 since 2009


APRN & SNAP are two big flops from recent IPOs. Now, Yogaworks join the stream.

YogaWorks Inc., YOGA, +0.00% is testing out the public market again, at a lower deal size, after pulling its initial public offering a few weeks ago.

YogaWorks is now proposing a share price of $5.50 to $6.50 a share to raise up to $47.5 million at the high end of its range, according to a filing Thursday.

It previously had a range of $12 to $14 a share, raising up to $70 million at the high end of its range. Now the company plans to sell 7.3 million shares, up from 5 million shares.

The company has been approved to list on the Nasdaq under the symbol “YOGA.” YogaWorks said in late July that it was pulling its IPO over “market conditions,” though the timing coincided with valuation cuts in other recent IPOs.


I wonder if this will make people re-think working for pre-IPO companies.


Big drop in stock market today… :scream: I think @hanera and @manch lost their lunch money…


Thought you’re paying for lunch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I also lost my lunch money :rofl: