Stocks vs real estate


I’m not sure if 1:1 is ideal… but what I had before was definitely less than ideal… :smile:


It is evident that stock plays indispensable role in real estate industry. It definitely impacts on rise and fall of the costs.



17% of these Americans chose gold and 15% chose savings account. Not sure we should learn from them… :thinking:


They are right about stocks and re though.


Savings pay zero. So gold looks better?


If I had to choose, I prefer savings.


Gold is negative. So savings actually better than gold.


Asians love gold though. Wifey scored an arm full from our wedding day


Annualized return of Treasuries is much higher than gold. Gold is on a secular decline.


I agree. Gold is for survivalists and cultures that value it. When the zombie apocalypse comes gold bars will only be as good as rocks as projectiles. Bullets and booze will actually have utility and value:sunglasses:


Come on, gold has utility!!!:grinning:



Go A-Team! Loved watching it growing up


Look at gold price chart (starting from 1800 or so). After short “up” in price you will fild decades (up to half century) of “down”…


Take a look at this chart from that infographics:

Back in 2011 34% of people said gold was the best investment. Only 19% said real estate and an even lower 17% said stocks.

2011 was the once in a lifetime opportunity for real estate. S&P more than doubled since 2011. But gold, the majority’s favorite, went down >10%.

Today the same percentage of people, 34%, said RE is the best investment. Just like gold back in 2011.

Draw your own conclusion.


No bubble until 100% people say RE is the best investment. Same with stocks… :rofl:


I’d love to see a longer perspective. I bet real estate ranked super high in 2006. It might still be below it’s historical norm. Remember, most people don’t own stocks. A primary home is most people’s biggest asset and investment.


Great, now more demand than ever for my next car…


This is exactly why I hate the stock market. You shouldn’t be able to artificially stop the market whenever you want to (either up or down). Come on, free market system remember, freeeeeee!!!


The article pretty clearly articulated the rationale behind it all.