Stocks vs real estate


It doesn’t really matter, does it? Stock prices should go wherever they want to go, on their free will or as the market moves them. It is essentially the same reason why we don’t like rent control. Intervention where it is not needed.


Actually as a shareholder I don’t want TSLA to go private. I would have more liquidity that way. When the time comes I will vote “Nay”.


Elon too ! He knows that when he tweeted. I do not believe he is sincere in his tweets !


If they go private, you’d be force to sell your shares when they go private.


I’m speaking according to the rationale provided by that article. Whether Elon is sincere or not about going private I have no way of knowing. We will find out eventually though.


No. According to the article, you get to remain as an investor.


if musk go private, maybe he will try to crash the stock first then go private
like jack ma did with alibaba back in hk days maybe. win win win for them.


Musk will give you a choice. You can load your shares on to rockets to Mars or bury it underground in his tunnel project :face_vomiting:


Neither. :rofl:


That’s horrible. Will it scare people to sell to prevent their shares becoming illiquid?


I don’t get how that’s even possible. For a private company, the number of shareholders is limited.


Is this an illegal manipulation? I hope Elon won’t need to go to jail for this tweet


smear campaign?


Tesla is down ten points. There are two kinds of investors. Those who believe Musk and those who don’t. Still in a trading range. Even though he is trying to get it up to 420. It is hilarious that he picked that number. Infamous with pot smokers known to believe anything.



Trump (Head of USA) = Elon (Head of TSLA) = 50% hated = Always Winners no matter what they do personally !! :rofl:


Wait… trump isn’t in the same league as Elon. He’s net worth is way lower and will get impeached in due time… :slight_smile:


Ha ha ha, here too both are in the same boat.

Trump => Impeachment == Elon => SEC/DOJ removing CEO position :rofl:


Only difference: impeach trump will save the world. Remove Elon will harm the world :rofl: