Stocks vs real estate


I gave you a chance to become very rich, but you threw that away out of spite! :rofl:


If I were him, I would leave no dowry, nada for his daughters. I would use up that last penny for myself… :rofl:


47 years from 1997 = 2044. At 19% annualized, price in 2044 = 3553 x price in 1997
1997 to 2018, AAPL appreciated 534x. So AAPL needs to gain 3553/ 534 = 6.65x from 2018 to 2044 i.e. annualized return of 7.6% for me to brag in 2044 that AAPL has annualized return of 19% since 1997.


So what will Apple market cap need to be at 2044 for the 19%?


You don’t need to know. Index investing crushes RE over periods of that length. On average, that is. To out-perform even the passive stock investor you would need to know which real estate markets will be hot.


Need those tier 2 market insights!

This is where @hanera will plug Austin :smiley:


$7T in year 2044. Is highly possible given the fast depreciation of fiat money.


Fiat money didn’t save Sears.


If only Sears can issue USD


I am pretty sure Apple won’t be it. You need founder control. Amazon is more likely candidate than Apple.


Huh? AMZN is also not possible!!! 3553x of $800B = $2842T !


Bezos is still alive and well.


I thought you started counting from founding day?


That tragic car crash will happen soon enough…


basically make re investment business out of his initial investment. he’d be a real estate mogul. plenty of real estate people worth tens of billions of dollar, no?



To get to that level you need to make an active business out of RE, ie be a developer. You can’t be a passive landlord.


Well, then, isn’t it stupid to say warren did a passive stock investment? He is actively involved, buys businesses, increases their efficiency, rinse and repeat.


dynamics would be different. Statistically, I am almost certain that he can’t make it in RE. You can’t assume he has the same kind of luck :slight_smile: Yes, I believe there are million of people who are as wise and as skillful as him that didn’t make it. He was the chosen one.


so stock vs re wouldn’t matter. He’s a noise in statistics.


That would be me!!! I’m just as wise and skillful as Buffett!!! :rofl: