Stocks vs real estate


Yes, TSLA will survive many decades like F or GM.
Many do not understand the EV revolution and the early leader/Innovator TSLA.

I did not buy lot of NFLX or other stocks as I am trying to hold my two winners without selling, TEVA and TSLA forever.

This is another buy (at dip) and HOLD forever stock. I do not think that I will buy more TSLA as I have enough TSLA to match with TEVA.

Lot of people missed TSLA around $250 range. Even now, it is not too late to get in to it, but I do not think any one will buy.


Ok you had me convinced; maybe I should double down on Tsla… :rofl:


Sorry to differ, it matters. I can leave your comment as it without countering, but you may not know exact info.

Both needs strong understanding or subject matter. When coming to stocks, you need to keep update yourself. The more you involve in those fields, better you are. RE needs more time and touch to get good location or flip as it involves full time work.

Coming to stocks, we can do it at our spare time and still we can get better returns.


I don’t think you are getting what i am saying, but sure. Hanera got me :slight_smile:

You are comparing warren buffet, who certainly is not doing this in his free time :slight_smile: So he’s an active investor & he is involved actively in the businesses (and have people working for him). My point being, if you call warren a stock investor, you probably call Donald Bren a re investor., who is worth 16b$.


Try it :rofl:


Discussion Topic started with “Uncle Warren bought this property in the 1970’s for $150,000.” This home is not selling and price reduced too.

Instead of buying the house, if WB invested in stocks how much he would have got…

Same person invested in stocks vs real estate, they just compared.


Can’t… already too exposed… :confounded:


That is a dumb comparison, that is my point. If you bought in the saudi arabia desert where current dubai is, or singapore land before it was foubded, or australia before it was disvovered, i bet you not, you would have more.


Everyone tries to be WB the stock picker. No one tries to be WB the buyer of entire businesses. Why? People are just lazy?

In the first half of his career WB used the insurance floats to mostly buy stocks. In the second half he mostly bought entire businesses.

I am still scratching my head to figure out if there’s something like insurance floats that lets you borrow money for less than Treasury rate and not subject to stock market’s ups and downs, unlike margin loans. Haven’t figured out yet. :cry:


Um… you would need more than 100 years of lifespan in order to get some meaningful buffet-esque return should you gone down that path. Because there were people who did exactly what you said but they’re now all dead… :rofl:



Once Die Fatherland marches out a few more Teutonic built EV’s, TSLA will be crushed. Everyone said GM would be a wealth generating stock for centuries. 2008 put a crimp in that theory. Sorry… watching too much Man In The High Castle Season 3.

I will say however that if Musk spins off SpaceX, it very well could be a blockbuster stock. Launching is getting much cheaper and efficient with market competition and SpaceX is getting it done right.

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Didn’t know stocks can provide a roof over your head…


You are trying to infer from the past, but should actually look at company fundamentals, innovation etc.

  1. Both production economics and usage consumer cost, EVs are saving money.For economic reasons, EVs are going to be the future.

  2. So far Tesla is the innovator in space. There are plenty of competitors coming, but no one except GM Bolt achieved the success. Still, they are unable to beat TSLA.

  3. Tesla built a massive high quality charging infrastructure no one can match yet.

  4. Tesla, not only car building, but also making autopilot (AI) functionality.

With this, they lead the space in next 10 years like the way MSFT or AAPL or GOOG made the leadership in their field.

Others are trailing behind TSLA and it is difficult for competitors to crush Tesla with cost of manufacturing and quality standards.

I do not say impossible, but they need bigger cash pile to absorb all Tesla’s technology, supersede and produce less cost machine !

If 10 years rolls from now, TSLA continue to maintain leadership position.

Most of the big funds took 62% stake in Tesla, balance 20% Elon Musk, left with 17%-18% public.

Knowing ahead the truth, I really invested in stocks. Time will tell us who is right and who is wrong.



I’m with JW here. Don’t take it wrong – Tesla has done amazing things. I held the stock from high 20’s to 300 and only recently sold because Musk had become too much of a loose cannon to run a public company imo.

The Germans build incredibly solid cars and have for decades. Tesla build quality is s*** in comparison. Once BMW/Porsche/Mercedes can match their drivetrain we’ll see how this plays out. Nevermind the Japanese and Koreans building knockoff model 3s…


Musk statement caused him $40 M, but stock market reacted with 4.5bln. Is it not market craziness?

I do not question the quality of German or Japanese quality, but at what cost? Less than Tesla?

Every field will have competition, the winner always benefits.

For many years , almost last five years since Tesla announced and sold first car, people are talking about competitors overtake Tesla and it is still not happening. That is the beauty of innovation!

The nearest rival is GM, still not cost effective. When will the German or Japanese find better technology and supersede Tesla? Another 3 years or 6 years or 10 years, no one knows.

Will they crush Tesla or will Tesla crush them first? .

You are visualizing unknown(no time frame known now) threat (kind of “Oh one day we die” ) than enjoy current ( living ).


They are not pricing elon, they are pricing tesla under elon. Doesnt make market crazy. They thought elon is not fit for the job. Maybe true maybe not.


When Sec settlement is done, Same 4.5 bln up. Is it not market crazy ?

The fact is buyers and sellers are crazy both times.

Intelligent people understand market exuberance and craziness and take benefit out of it simply !

In a simple situation, I just took $10000 who gives it? There was one person who made use of it to gain 580k.

What I am saying be intelligent , no matter whether it is TSLA or any other.

No pre fixation ,be practical as much as possible!

If your aim is long term,5 or 10 years, it is buy at low and hold any stock. Understand the company fundamentals, moat… etc. do not be swayed by market reaction. This is not at easy task.

If it is short term, less than 2 years, trade buy low and sell high. Understand market reaction.


Are you there yet?


i don’t sell when market is low, i buy more.


When I purchased TSLA at 41 and AAPL at $470 ( pre split) one person gave me the same idea, think long term hold forever.

I even bought googl at $110, AMZN at $725, but sold them.

I am not there yet.

Definitely not ! Trying to be one. Unless I cross a downturn holding my stock, I can not vouch that I am long term.

Poor me !