Stocks vs real estate


Yes, I will be buying shortly.


Agreed. But what if you found something at a 20% discount?


It is 2018 :rofl:


Perma Bull


in area i want , yes
20 too attractive


Feels a lot like 2016 not 2006


Absolutely not 2006. That was once in a lifetime occurrance for RE.


For flip or rent? Which location are you looking?


For flip. I’m looking in the East Bay.


Definitely would buy a SFH in Atherton😛


atherton acre.


I’ll be buying a primary soon - “soon” depends on how soon I liquidate the current residence. :joy:


I assume slow market is good one to upgrade (I assume that’s what you are doing). But how does one go through it, like you sell and move out (or rent back) and try to find new place? Or do people do contingent offer with selling your house (assume seller has to desperate enough?)


In a really slow market, contingent offer typically works. I doubt that were the case in BA, but I’ve been to 2 open houses where the LA was willing to accept contingency offers.

For us, we’ll probably just sell & stay at a short term rental & make offers. Chances are, the new place would probably need some remodeling so we need a place to squat for a few months, I think.


Stock market diving, part II… :scream:


Simple: Uncertainty! Market will be like this, Slight UPs and DOWNs, until Election results, then change depends on results.


Ahhh….nice to be back!:joy:

You mean those “smart” investors putting their hard earned money in 401Ks not asking, nor questioning the managers of that account how much of a commission they get from every move they make with your money? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:



I’m very confused by this. When you sell before 2026, you pay tax. If you don’t sell, you need to pay capital gain tax in 2026. That’s worse than normal.

We need to encourage smart kids to be journalist. Are only dumb ones interested in liberal arts?

“Capital gains placed in a certified opportunity zone fund will not be taxed through the end of 2026 or when the investment is sold, whichever comes first. ”


Is Palo Alto an Opportunity Zone? Please, pretty please…