Stocks vs real estate


A roof over your head may also be an investment - or not.
I’ve never chosen my roof based on investment potential; I’ve chosen the places I’m most likely to be happy. The “acre curse” is that those tend to be poor places to invest. Although, I just sold my La Honda digs, purchased in 2012, at a price which was beyond obscene.


Is there anyone in this RE forum buying RE?


yeah, hanera, wuqijun - no matter hwat they say, they have good amount of RE for diworsification.


I mean right now or near future,?

Seems like stocks are sucking the energy out of this forum. Funny since this is a bear market compared to last year.


Several of us already bought this year…


With rates the way they are (and potentially increasing), I would think most people will not be buying and will sit it out for awhile.


I bought this year. Once HQ2 is announced, I might go all-in on that city.


Wow, even if back East?


Bet early… DC suburbs


Yes. I think the cheaper the city the higher the upside will be. Seattle was a pretty affordable city.

There’s 3 different areas of DC that are finalists. That makes it tough to pick which one. So far, Chicago and Miami are confirmed to have second visits. Chicago property taxes are insane, so I’m not sure I’d do that.


Are DC burbs that inexpensive though? I suppose compared to here, maybe. I just remember Northern Virginia was pretty expensive too.


That’s why I doubt they are that serious of contender. Employees complain about Seattle being expensive. I can’t imagine HQ2 being in an area with equal or higher costs of housing. I’m amazed at how few of my co-workers own. Most moved from less expensive areas, and they view the cost of housing here as insane.


Really? Then how do they feel about the Bay Area? :laughing:


DC suburbs are dirt cheap. Can buy a condo for as cheap as $5k. SFHs are mostly $150s. I glanced through :slight_smile: Only Capitol Hill is very expensive. I think in most city, DT and vicinity is expensive, suburbs and exurbs are dirt cheap. Only in SFBA, where suburb and exurb of SF i.e. Peninsula and SV are as expensive as SF, may be more :slight_smile:


I bought this year too. :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too… but is anyone buying in the next 6 months?


Not in the next 6 months …in hoarding cash mode waiting for opportunities.


same here


Might be opportunities since no one else is buying. December may provide some bargains

Is this similar to 2016 or 2006?


bay area housing went up average 35% + in last 2 yrs. i doubt we going to have another run like this in the next couple years…