Stocks vs real estate


The 2011 to 2016 gold rush days in real estate are over. I have a spider sense that the stock market will have a big time boom this year and hopefully next year too.


Because of all those people calling tech bubbles. As long as that’s the mainstream sentiment Nasdaq will keep on rising.


Stocks has gone up continuously since 2009 though, longer than the real estate boom which did not start until 2011.


Ok sure, I’m not selling my tech stocks (but I’m not buying more either) :slight_smile:


Bingo! Hidden in plain sight secret to any investment, be it stock or RE, is to delay paying tax to Uncle Sam. There are many ways to extract cash flows from stocks without selling e.g. dividends, selling covered calls, margin for buying other stocks, …


The Chances for AAPL, GOOGL and FB to hit 1 Trillion Market Cap is higher than AMZN.

Considering current market cap, Google and Apple are at top most of the four.
Considering opportunities and management, I see google can easily hit 1 Trillion.

Growing rate hike is the issue for Amazon than Google, Apple and Facebook.


Ok, you made me go back and recalculating the gains and yes, AAPL went up 150% whereas my portfolio went up 105%. The problem was that I had too many index funds tracking the S&P500 and such.


Google has execution issue. It continues to be a one trick pony. Search is mostly a desktop thing. That golden goose is slowing dying as we continue to shift towards mobile. Google’s best asset is Youtube, but for whatever reason they are not making any aggressive play out of it. Now Facebook is coming to eat their lunch.

Facebook and Amazon > Apple > Google. I do own some Apple shares though.


Yes, I have marginized my stock holdings big time to invest in real estate. That’s why I’m not too concerned about my stock portifolio not performing very well… I need the stability as opposed to chasing gains.



I never mentioned it, but one small reason I don’t invest in stocks is partly because of my work. I work with a lot of startups and companies in their infancy and usually I do have some non public information before they go IPO. Mostly general stuff, but still not available to the general public. I don’t want a knock from the SEC so I simply stay away…


So your work is detrimental to the growth of your nest egg???


Work feeds the RE addiction and passion quite well… not too mention provides the expensive health insurance that you cats pay for yourself, 401K/pension plan, PTO and the occasional outings and free food. I have no complaints. Well maybe one, we don’t have any females on my team in a long while…


Dude, that’s because you call them “females”. :slight_smile: You obviously didn’t receive this memo in the mail:


This is a BIG reason not to be in stock. Armchair psychologist’s view is you are rationalizing stock investment is not as good as RE investment because you can’t be in stock, a coping mechanism. Now I understand why, thought you had lost a big sum of money in stock investment.


You knew what I meant. In fact, I have always said, my best bosses in my life have been women.


Well, he also avoided losing a big sum of money in stocks.


How can anyone lose a big sum of money in stocks at all in the past 8 years?


Real estate is still the best “grow rich slowly” scheme. It forces discipline. It’s not liquid so you can’t trade with your hot ideas while sitting in toilets. It guards against your worst instincts. As long as you keep on plowing the gains into RE you will be filthy rich one day.

Stocks is less certain. The world is set up against you. It bombards you will this and that idea and encourages the worst instincts. To do well it takes the will power of monks. And after you made it it’s too easy to sell and waste the gains on toys and vacations etc. It’s just too easy to get in and get out.


Nooo, no big stock losses. I do feel the market is truly not pure though. To have automatic brakes shut down trading is a fixed game I feel. A stock should be able to go to $0.00 on any given day. Do they cap gains on a given day? No.

Come on, my Big Bro is just like you cats so I respect the returns that stocks can achieve. He should be on here too, but he is old school. Works a lot (why, I don’t know) and takes care of his properties himself because he is handy. He would laugh at you guys with PMs…