Stocks vs real estate


In baseball home run hitters make a lot of strikes…In fact the very best strike out 70% of the time…Stocks are even worse…thats why index funds are so popular. .Everyone thinks they are extraordinary. …Most are lucky to be average…10x in ten years. .million to one shot…better off in Vegas


That’s a commodity not a stock. I have never invested in a commodity and never will.


Traders and commodity stocks investors. For example, Carl Icahn is forced to sell AAPLs to pay for his losses in oil stocks trading.


Commodities are not stocks…


Carrying on the baseball analogy, real estate is like hitting singles. You just consistently work on it and you will get rich slowly. In fact I’d say it’s hard to not get rich in real estate. It forces discipline.

Stocks is like home runs. You can keep striking for the fences but you may come up empty handed. But if you hit it you can get rich fast.

Luckily you don’t have to choose one or the other. You can have both.


Anything traded on the stock exchange is a stock. Gold ETF is not a stock? How about gold mining companies?


The richest guy I know personally is Ken Fisher…He is not alllwed to invest in stock, due to conflict of interest rules…In fact his wife does the investing…all in real estate. .He is a billionare…Most of it made in real estate…And this guy knows more about stocks than almost anyone. …


Stocks are shares of ownership in a company. When you own a commodity ETF you don’t own a company; you own the commodity itself. Stocks of gold mining companies is a stock, but GLD is a ETF not a stock. Not all ETFs are stocks.


That’s not what a few of my ex-tenants feel. Check the prices of RE in MidWest and East Coast.


Yes, I get mails from Ken Fisher all the time asking me to give my money to him to invest. The minimum entry point is $500k. You need at least that amount to have him invest for you. I think he charges 1% commission.


Midwest and East Coast out of NYC, the RE game is played differently. There you can’t sit in your primary house and just wait. You’d have to go out, buy multi-family apartment buildings, and build wealth from cash flow. You will still become filthy rich.

Anyhow your tenants don’t seem to be go-getters. Without the mindset nothing will come.


Fisher makes money in an up or down market when I knew him well he was managing $50b, now its probably $500b, probably at 1.5%…


Can someone give me $50b to invest? I’m not greedy, I only ask for .75% commission. Twice the bang for half the buck against Ken Fisher! :slight_smile:


Obviously you know the secret :grin: RE investment is only a facade to cover up his real money spinning formula :joy:


I was wrong he only mananges $65b…Hard to see how he amassed $2.7b from his salary. .His wife has done much better with her real estate investments…Including several office buildings. .


1% of $65 billion is $650 million. That means he makes $650 million a year. After tax would be $325 million per year. Based on salary alone, he can amass $3 billion after 10 years.


Yeah except he has 1500 employees at $50k to $100k each and overhead like advertising, rent and such


Ok so because of those overhead he was only able to amass $2.7 instead of $3 billion in his 10 years time…


Hmm, where can I get a tech job with pension? I think a pension is better than a volatile stock portfolio


Yeah, old school pensions are hard to come by now. Remember, me no millennial…