Stockton Trying Basic Income Study For A Year

$500 won’t even pay for their beer and cigarettes…why bother? Use the money to build houses…or give it to Habitat for Humanity and let these people work for their $500 as sweat equity for a new house…


how much weed can you buy for $500 a month? is it enough for the whole family’s usage?
is that called universal basic weedcome? how can i apply for this?


I don’t understand this. I thought our government already does that by giving people section 8 vouchers and food stamps to satisfy the basic needs so that they don’t have to worry about surviving and can focus on improving themselves. Or this study is more about what happens if extra income is given to people on top of satisfying the housing and food basic needs? Section 8 recipients can still work to make extra income, correct? It will probably lead to reduction in benefits but I hope it’s still a net win.

Do we believe that people who require help just need this little extra boost in order to improve their life situation but otherwise cannot improve without it?

Maybe this article sheds some light as to why cities like Stockton are trying this out…

It’s only a decent idea of it replaces all the existing programs. It’d have far lower administrative costs than the 30+ programs. It’d also avoid the welfare cliff. Who’s going to trust those people to spend the money responsibly?

I was contacted by a private social welfare agency.They give $3100/m to 18 year olds that are too old for the Foster care programs…They get that till they are 21…$110k in benifits…Personally I think these kids should join the military, but most probably would not quality…
Most people can get food stamps, free medical, housing assistance and many other things from charities, they just need to contact their local social welfare agency…

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There was a good podcast on this topic…I think it was Freakanomics?

I don’t know what to say about this. What if someone devises a bogus study program and then produce a bogus report with many selective reporting? Are we supposed to give more tax dollars to support their social experiment?

Who gives money for them to experiment in Stockton? What’s their agenda?

Any updates on Stockton ?

Finland “giving up”

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You called it, @Dino…

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