Stonestown plan for 3,000 homes could make the mall S.F.'s next great neighborhood

Big plan for Stonestown:

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San Francisco’s Stonestown Galleria, a suburban-style mall surrounded by 30 acres of surface parking lots, would be transformed into a neighborhood with nearly 3,000 housing units, 6 acres of green spaces and a new 20th Avenue that would become a “main street” lined with shops and residential buildings, according to a plan unveiled Thursday.

As envisioned, the new Stonestown site, which is 42 acres with parking covering 30 of them, will have 2,900 units in 15 residential buildings. The tallest structures — three 18-story and one 14-story — will be clustered near San Francisco State University, on the southern end of the property. The majority of the buildings will be 5 to 8 stories, with some 3-story townhomes in the northwest quarter of the property, closest to Rolph Nicol Playground and homes along Eucalyptus Drive.

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This is not good IMO. This would make traffic on the 19th Ave worst. 19th ave is the one led to 308 then 101/280 Southbound. Daily commuters gonna get mad.

Indoor malls are out of fashion now. Even though Stonestown is one of the better ones the back side of the mall is massively under utilized. It’s at the southern end of 19th hopefully it won’t make traffic that much worse.

this is awesome! I hope they do this in the East Bay. I was driving through Pleasanton, and the area near Hopyard and Stoneridge Dr is a wasteland of empty office space with leasing signs in front of every building. Make it mixed housing and commercial.

Lol, it’s cute they pretend this has any chance of being approved.

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they better built first direct connection of North bay with Peninsula and East bay bypassing the regional roads like 19th avenue in SF. on any stop signs smash and grab can happen.
SF is too cold for outdoor malls especially in evenings or windy day. The mall too near to ocean.