Sudden surge in inventory?

Is it me only or are you guys seeing a sudden surge in inventory too? I don’t have stats but if I recall correctly the inventory in my area (Foster City) currently is 50% higher as compared to last year.


Totally feel like that in RWC as well, but the trulia numbers don’t seem to reflect it?

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seeing same for SVL. Not really for MV.

This time of year there is always a surge for the spring selling season.

Anyone got data from last year same time? @hanera, I know you got this info :slight_smile:

zillow has data in csv form.

No surge in South Lake Tahoe. In contract on my apartments. With a back up. No other 5+ unit buildings on active listings.

Last week I checked for Fremont. You can only get end of the month numbers for last year. Last year June was high then it went down in July. it went up in August again and then dropped. Current (mid May) numbers are slightly higher than end of last May but not much.

Inventory should be highest this time of year. People like their deals to close in the summer so the move doesn’t disturb their kids schooling

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I noticed more inventory in the east bay compared to last year too, but still tons of people at the open houses (for the few that I actually went to).

I was wondering this the other day as I drove around Menlo Park. Spring always has more inventory but to me it seems there are more for sale and open house signs up this spring compared to last. Interesting that others in different areas feel similar.

If anyone has real data, that will help.

i was gonna go through zillow dump, but was too lazy.

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Do it!

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Thanks for replying folks. Since I asked this question and someone pointed to Zillow data I looked it up. Not sure if I am looking at the right data but I downloaded the seasonally adjusted inventory data. Some points

The only relevant cities I could find based on Zip were San Jose 95120 and Fremont 94539. Below points are for these two cities only. There were some other cities but FC, MV were not there in DB.
April and May 2018 data is not available so you can’t say.
Jan, Feb and March 2018 inventory numbers are lower then 2017 same months.
The inventory decreased in April and May as compared to March in 2017.

Not sure if this is correct data. My check was very cursory as well.

This is better seems.


March 2018 data

Down 3.3 percent year over year from 7,362 sales in March 2017.

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Redfin shows below numbers (Inventory data)

2018 Feb, Mar Apr
San Mateo: 385,405, 528
Mountain view: 27, 19, 34
RWC: 36, 44,52

2017 Feb, Mar Apr
San Mateo:466, 602, 643
Mountain View: 38, 35,34
RWC: 41, 54, 73

Besides RWC the jump between Mar and Apr is substantial in 2018 vs 2017.


Apr 2018 vs April 2017 inventory seems to be down from Redfin data.


I wonder why they don’t make that info more available to their users (ie, why didn’t I know about that page before???).