Sudden surge in inventory?


Tahoe is a balanced market. People price a little over market and houses take 4-6 months to sell like everywhere USA. The BA is a crazy sellers market.
Inventory is about 250 house active listings for 25k people. Massive compared to say Foster City with maybe 15 active listings.


What is the reason for requiring 10% deposit? In current market, most winning offers are non-contingent. Does deposit still matter for non-contingent offer?


don’t know the exact situation, but it could be probate. probate sales require 10% deposit


I’ve heard probate does/might require deposits?

What I’ve heard(on this forum), that there are fictitious offers with no contingencies(which drive up prices), however no one goes after them when they renege on the offer(because it’s a lot of hassle).

Others(who are more knowledgeable on this) can educate us more…


Arent you supposed to put 3% down within 3 days of offer acceptance. If the buyer renege they will lose the money


They delay… the 3% and then… disappear :slight_smile: