Sudden surge in inventory?


Title risk is born by the escrow company providing title insurance.

Right now there should still be no discount for cash offers.

The trust sale with court confirmation is exactly what you are looking for. You can over bid publicly at the courthouse against other bidders. The transparency is there, but you will see how quickly prices rise if it’s under market.


Embrace the smell. After a week or two you won’t smell a thing. :pig_nose:


If I bid at court house, assume I am not the original 10% down payment bidder, do I need to have 100% cash - within the day or what terms are likely for “trust sale with court confirmation”?


This is what my understanding:

“Trust sale with court confirmation” needs 10% cashier check held, and takes infinite time (as we do not know when court settles, normally 9 to 18 months or even more). At the end, you need to face bidding at court house, not guaranteed since you paid 10% !


Your understanding is my understanding, there was a lot in PA that was like 14Ksqft sold for 3.35 or so through same mechanism, stayed on market for quite some time.


Any such deal homes in PA, esp 8K + lots, are bid by builders+Realtors (full cash often) at court house. Hard to compete even if it is staying long.


Dude just buy already…Terry had to wait 10 years and pay double and wasted 10 years of rent payments…So there may be a slow down in one small area…Prices will not drop unless employment drops and the stock market crashes…meanwhile prices keep going up…

Buy anything anywhere…Trade up later…Number one rule in BARE…buy and wait, don’t wait to buy


I am working on it trust me :slight_smile:


Let me know if I can help…It has gotten crazy up here…Put a house on the market overpriced, have multiple offers…We are seeing a 2005-6 buying frenzy even in Tahoe…


People at google have started talking about buying cabins there, too. I assume that’s why - people got wealthier :slight_smile:


Stop them! Cabins are incredibly lousy investments. Tell them about AirBnB.


Sorry i meant “rentals”. Cabin was figure of speech.


Tahoe has a ballot measure to ban airbnb and Vrbo type VHRs. There already is a temporary moratorium on new VHRs with 150 people on the waiting list. Big anti tourist movement worldwide…


We are squeezed by NIMBY’s on one side, and eat-the-rich pitchforks on the other. Depressing time indeed.


I am making a shitload of money. Hardly depressing.
Just a little confusing. Should I 1031 into a chateau in France or a seaside villa in San Diego?.. lol

Or maybe this? The realtor is hot… lol


Just buy this one with your pocket money, you don’t need to 1031 exchange :slight_smile:


Get me some of those buyers. I will pay a referral fee


French Chateau for less than a condo in SF
Buyer pays the 4% commission.


Maintenance nightmare in the middle of nowhere.


Yeah but I am old…Us oldsters can just defer maintenance till death…Nowhere unless you enjoy Cognac and French wine…only an hour to the coast surrounded by beatiful midevil vilages…You guys can collect cars and cash cows…I always wanted a castle