Sunnyside Rocking The Overbids!

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For a brief moment I thought this is Sunset again… both words start with “sun…” :smile:

Welcome back ! Whether Sunnyside rocks or not, sfdragonboy rocking now :joy:

There’s a Chinese saying, it’s hard for a promiscuous woman to remain a widow for long… :rofl:


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Wow what? Am I right or am I right? :rofl:

I am no expert on that type of women… :blush:

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Gosh I hate when an area I really liked becomes “hot” like this. I really liked sunnyside for years and dragged my agent over there to look at places. I liked that Mangels street featured in particular. My agent always complained it was “so far!” I made some offers (which my own agent was against me making!) which I didn’t get, and then my startup imploded and I stopped looking. I tried again in 2016 and missed an offer there again!

Whenever I tell an agent I want to bid my whole budget on a house or go well above market to get it, which I’ve done only a few times, and agent says that’s not a good idea we should bid X lower…it’s a great sign that I will lose the bid by like 20K and then whatever I wanted to buy is going to go up absolutely disproportionately. Like it gets flipped and sold for almost 2x within a year (happened twice!) Trust yourselves out there! Work with agents that believe in your vision! Like all of us, I can’t really complain bc I’ve done fine. But it’s just annoying :slight_smile:

I have to say though, that I prefer Glen Park to sunnyside so it’s weird to me how close the prices are now. It used to be significantly cheaper on the Sunnyside side, and I believe worse weather.

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That area is NOT Sunnyside. Sunnyside is south of Monterey and this house is on the north side. I think every block you walk down from there you will see price drop by 50 to 60K.

The area between Holloway and Ocean is pretty nice but significantly cheaper than this.

No doubt, you are fan of Elon Musk !

Google it, sunnyside boundary is drawn on map extending above Monterey. I do agree as you go south it’s cheaper.

OK. That official Sunnyside boundary looks pretty artificial. Anyhow if we are talking about north of Monterey that area has always been pricey. I am not surprised by the price of this house at all.

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What does this have anything to do with Elon Musk? I’m talking about dragonboy here :rofl:

Welcome back!! :slight_smile:

Here’s another one on your favorite street @Lulu

Redfin estimate is $1,350,435. Complete BS. Maybe 1.8?

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Sold in January 2017 for $7.9M :joy: