Supreme Court pick

Which is your favorite out of the 3 candidates?

Whichever one owns rental property… :smile:

That’s possibly but unlikely. Supreme Court judge won’t bother with owning rental property.

However, small claim court judge sometimes own rental property and occasionally need to sue his tenant oh his own court.

Wow, Neil sides with the non conservatives…

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Seriously? They have an issue with deporting criminals. This country is becoming so criminal friendly.

I saw another case where a good samaritan used her gun to save a police officer who was under attack. She didn’t face criminal charges, but now the family of the criminal has filed a lawsuit for wrongful death. We’re creating a situation where criminals are getting more and more power while lawful citizens will be forced to live in fear.

Roosevelt Eisenhower Kennedy Johnson Clinton all cheated…nobody cares, including Melania…In fact she is relieved she does even have to sleep in the same house…

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They did it for free.

While the 5+ times and counting --because we haven’t heard the other 12 ladies yet-- wife cheater paid $130K to keep Stormy Daniels silent quiet, thus violating the campaign laws which can be a criminal ordeal.

What amazes me is the so called “Christians” and “republicans” on this forum being quiet about their own unmoral support for this piece of garbage in the white house.

But what I love, and laugh about, is the fact that a cry baby here once commented “oh daddy, you can’t say anything anymore, the PC people get upset” and he is the first one sending my comments to the spam bin.

Me thinks there are too many commies on this forum hating freedom of expression.

Free sex isnt free in fact it can be the most expensive…Ask Tiger Woods…his wife got over $100m…The hookers a few thousand…

go ahead, build the wall.

Oh, wait!
Paid for by Mexico?

That’s the point, isn’t it? :rofl: