Sure, How About Sex With My Spouse Too?

(For those who met on campus…)

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Being a hot cheerleader in UCLA doesn’t come for free, clearly.

Why not?

So when did an institution of higher learning actually get the cajones to ask for a piece of your future salary? At least disguise it in a form of a donation request or lifetime member fees…

Being straight is good. The situation itself is ridiculous - i prefer my kid to go to France to get education, if i am not wealthy at the time.

That might backfire for liberal arts colleges.


I’m wondering why Americans don’t go to Canada a to have a free college?

Since college students started whining about how much it cost.

It’s a perfectly fine offer in my opinion. You have the right to say no and take out loans instead.

Plus perhaps it would incentivize schools to offer degrees of worth.

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Ok, but can one say I don’t honestly know how much my Basket Weaving major is going to pan out exactly…

I am glad they don’t, at least not in masses :slight_smile:

Free is not always better?

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Don’t underestimate france engineering education.
But i guess in US, in stanford etc, they could get more than just education.

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Yeah, and maybe if it’s going to have a sucky return for the school, they shouldn’t be offering that major.

I do think your title is pretty funny, sfdragonboy. :slight_smile:

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France has great philosophers and mathematicians, not engineers. Did you ask around your coworkers how many know about ETH?

I know ETH all too well.
Airbus is french. Their education is pretty good.

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Are you Swiss? You went to ETH?

No, but my specialization at MIT was UAVs.

these came around the same time I was working on them too, and our prof was a bit jealous of them for having cool demos.

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What does google do with UAVs?

We have one or two efforts, and recently there was a pr nightmare. We have loon for internet balloon thing, wing - i forgot what they do and i think there are couple more i can check.

I,myself, will soon depart for robotics to set up a team, and maybe we can do uavs at some point hehe